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Oct 14, 2009 01:55 PM

Sushi-Grade Tuna in Seattle

Hey guys,

Looking for sushi-grade tuna to make some seared tuna tonight. Would I be better finding it at Whole Foods or Uwajimaya?


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  1. Uwajimaya, hands down. Or if you want to go up the supply chain a little further, head down Rainier to Mutual Fish.

    I know that Uwajimaya has several types of sashimi-grade tuna in at the moment ranging from hot-pink (CO treated) frozen blocks of imported whatever to some pretty decent bluefin tuna at ~$41/lb.

    Don't forget the fresh wasabi, btw. It's in the produce section - one of the very few places in the US where mortals can reliably buy fresh wasabi at retail.

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      You probably won't get many other responses to your post, because Terrier has hit the bulls eye with his reponse. There's really nothing to add.

        1. re: terrier

          Went to Mutual Fish today to buy some items for making sushi. Employees were very helpful and offered good advice. I will def come back here for more seafood.