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Pasture-fed meats

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I'm looking for a source of grass-fed (pasture-fed) beef and pork in the greater Boston area. Whole Foods has a tiny selection. Are there any other options?

How about heirloom turkeys?

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  1. For grass fed beef, there are several comprehensive prior threads which it would be worth your while researching.

    For a general resource, you might want to familiarize yourself with Lionette's Market. Some of their beef (like some CSAs/farmers market vendors) is grain finished, but they are careful to differentiate 100% grass so you can get that info from them. They butcher one local pig (pastured, not certain if its not fed some grain) a week. And they do offer heirloom turkeys.


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      Lionette's has a great selection.

      Savenor's on Charles St sells VT grown Boyden Farms beef (which I didn't care for) and Misty Knolls chickens; which are fabulous.

    2. Are you looking to buy by the piece or to join a CSA?

      1. Chestnut Farms has a range of meat that is allowed to roam, hormone free, and fed what it has evolved to eat. http://chestnutfarms.org/ for more info. They do sell at local farmers markets and have a popular CSA program (i've been a happy subscriber for over a year now). I'm not sure if their turkeys are "heirloom", but they are just as well treated as the other denizens of the farm, and are available un-frozen and fresh to CSA members at thanksgiving (members must pre-order).

        1. For a local farm, we love Stillman's. We are CSA members and do not by any meat from the grocery store anymore. They're fantastic.

          Stillman's has heritage turkeys but they are sold out for 2009. You can get on the list for 2010.

          1. Check out K and M farm in North Andover. I just ordered a heritage turkey from them today. http://www.kandmfarm.com/

            1. Pete & Jen in Concord raise organic pastured chickens and pork. http://peteandjensbackyardbirds.com/p...

              We buy pork and beef from Misty Brook in Hardwick (http://www.localharvest.org/farms/M13579) It's a little further out, but they are certified organic and keep all their own breeding stock. Their meat tastes fabulous and their prices are reasonable. I know it's a ways from Boston, but there are some buying clubs that trek out there to share the driving.

              1. I bought some delicious pastured/free range turkey from gracenote farm in petersham aand highly recommend them. They also have pork that is almost ready to buy. Send them a message! http://www.gracenotefarm.org/

                1. River Rock Farm sells their own pasture-raised, aged beef, at the farm in Brimfield and at a few local markets like Lionette's and City Feed & Supply. They also sell at farmers markets in warmer weather, and will deliver direct to your door for a nominal fee (free if you buy enough).


                  River Rock Farm
                  81 Five Bridge Rd, Brimfield, MA