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Oct 14, 2009 01:41 PM

HELP!! Hungry I VS Trouquet

My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this Friday. I have reservations at both Hungry I and Trouquet. I need help on where to go based on total experience - food, wine vibe etc etc.... any opinions/suggestions?

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  1. Based on most posts and some experieince,, Hungry I is a small intimate restaurant but Troquet blows it away in quality of food and wine selection and is still apretty nice room as well.

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    1. I third is a very special meal.

      1. Troquet big time. Best wine list in Boston based on price and breath and knowledge of owner. Food remarkable as well.

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          I would also say Troquet but I hope you cancel which ever one you choose not to honor.

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            my experience of the owner's breath has always been fine and i too appreciate the breadth of the wine list. :)

            agree about troquet.

          2. I would go Troquet. Hungry i has many followers but it is downstairs and very tightly quartered space. I couldn't handle it. Have a wonderful Anniversary!

            1. No need to scream for help, this one's easy: Troquet. Kinda surprised that Hungry I was even under consideration, compared to Troquet.

              Hungry I is more old fashioned and is right on Charles St, if that is more important to you.

              Please do cancel the other reservation as soon as you can. That's not cool.