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Oct 14, 2009 01:23 PM

I need a broccoli side dish

I have been requested to bring a broccoli side dish for thanksgiving and I'm looking for ideas besides just steamed or with cheese sauce. Any ideas?

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  1. I made this one year and it has now remained a staple on our Thanksgiving table. Being Canadian, we just had Thanksgiving and I just made it again this year - absolutely delicious. It really is a great balance from the overly rich, cheesey, creamy other dishes on the table.

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    1. re: Restaurant Dish

      That sounds good! We would substitute maple syrup for the honey.

    2. Roasted, alone, or with cauliflower

      1. cheesecake beat me it - roasting uis my favorite way to prepare broccoli (and cauliflower). even those who claim to hate broccoli have been known to enjoy it roasted. i was going to suggest serving with an anchovy-lemon sauce and fried capers...but that Saveur recipe provided by Restaurant Dish also sounds excellent!

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        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Last time I served it roasted to guests, I included several 'dipping' sauces instead of tossing all the broccoli with a lemon vinaigrette. Everyone liked the options.

        2. How about a broccoli soup?


            i made this last xmas and it was absolutely delicious. i used cashew butter instead because that's what i had in my fridge.