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Oct 14, 2009 01:13 PM

MSP - Suggestions for some decent drinks and grub near UM

Sup Hounds,

Never been to the twin cities and my foursome is staying very close to the University of Minn. We're looking for a few places to grab some beers and get some good food. Any joints with a laid back atmosphere that aren't chock full 'o hipsters?

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  1. Wlecome! Will you be staying near the St. Paul campus or near the Mpls campus?


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      Near the Minneapolis campus in Dinkytown.

      1. re: odiggydawg

        Ah, okay. Within easy walking distance I like the food at Pagoda. The beer selection is limited, but it is available. Or, you can go the other extreme and for for Stub and Herb's extensive beer selection, with burger-type grub. I don't know how you'll feel about the crowd at S&H's though.

        I also like the Big 10. Decent sandwiches and decent beer selection.


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I would also go with Big10 for the overall combination of beers, good food (though can't say on anything beyond their subs as that is all I have eaten there over the last 20 years), and laid back atmosphere with no hipsters.

          While all of the other suggestions are good too, I don't think any of the others come as close to fulfilling all of your states wishes - Stub and Herb's is probably the closest but never spent much time there (they do have a really good beer selection these days though)

    2. Good suggestions DQ. In Dinkytown, there are two classics to try. Vescio's is an Italian restaurant that's been there forever. You'll get a good (not fancy) meal for a decent price. For breakfast, Al's Breakfast is the best greasy spoon IMO. Annie's Parlour is a good place for burgers and shakes. It's across the street from Vescio's. If you want a little more upscale than those two choices, go to the Loring Pasta Bar.

      In Stadium Village (near the stadium of course), Campus Pizza has great thin crust pizza and pretty cheap beer options.

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      1. re: GutGrease

        Foodwise Kafe 421 is a great choice, but not so much a place to go have a beer.

        If you want to stay away from hipsters, the only place you have to avoid is Kitty Kat Club.

        Before moving, I spent way too much time at Burrito Loco. It is very much a college bar though, so not really sure if you are looking for that, but they have some great specials.

        Downtime can be nice if they don't have live music, in which case it is just loud noise with cheap PBR.

        Blarney's is decent on most weekdays that aren't Thursday if you want a more relaxed environment, on Thursday-Saturday it is just packed with athletes and jersey chasers.

        If you wander over to Stadium Village, Stub and Herbs has a great beer selection at decent prices. Sally's can be a good time too.

      2. If you're willing to head to the west bank, I'd recommend the Town Hall Brewery. Acadia Cafe has an awesome beer selection, average food. If you're willing to head up
        Washington Ave a few blocks, Grumpy's has great beer and good bar food. As far as hipster scale, the Town Hall is low, Grumpy's is pretty low (more divey than hipster, I think) but Acadia can be high, especially if there's a live act.

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        1. re: drew13000

          If you are in West Bank, might I also recommend Chai's.

        2. If you're on the West Bank, then the most anti-hip place is the Wienery. You won't find beer there but I guarantee good "grub" and there is beer and several bars right around the place.

          414 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

          1. What do you mean by hipsters?

            In my parents circle, they have single-hipsters and double-hipsters and second-time-single-or-double-hipsters. The single hipsters have only had one hip replaced. The double-hipsters have had both hips replaced. The second-timers have had the replacements replaced. In my age bracket, you've usually got resurfaced-hipsters.

            I'm guessing you mean something a bit different.

            I second TDQ's rec on the Pagoda. Last time I was there, I enjoyed the noodle soup with pork and greens. Shuang whatever (Cheng?) has ok food. I prefer Village Wok over in Stadium village. And Korea Restaurant over towards stadium village was also quite tasty.

            Is there still a bar in the basement across the street from Espresso Royale on ...4th?

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            1. re: JimGrinsfelder

              The Dinkytowner is no more unfortunately.