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Oct 14, 2009 01:13 PM

Looking for really good Mexican in Portland Miane

Does it exist?

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  1. No. Try agave in portsmouth. I thought El Rayo might be a saving grace but nope. Itsy bitsy portions, big prices and no flavor. The meat in the burrito tasted like it was cooked on a car muffler and to pay a dollar for a thimblefull of pico is just not right. I thought the pumpkin seed spicy krispy treat they have would be fantastic but it was stale and dry. Fajita grill in westbrook is tasty and they try really hard but it is what it is.

    1. Costa Vida does a pretty dern good job for a chain. Best you'll find around Portland I'd think. Nope, "really good mexican" does not exist here yet.

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        Costa Vida is OK. The thing I don't like about them is lack of any hot salsa. I asked a couple of times and was told that people in Maine don't like hot food. Well, I don't buy that so they lost a customer. The closest thing to good Mexican In Portland is Tu Casa, a Salvadoran restaurant on Washington Street. Their food is cheap and very tasty.

      2. Concur. However, if you can wander as far north as Brunswick, you'll find El Camino on a back street: really excellent Mexican food, lots of local ingredients and interesting treatments. Right now, it's chile relleno season: poblano stuffed with local queso fresco, raisins, spicy greens: yum!