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Gjelina recs for tonight?

I'm finally going for the first time! I see that the sunchokes have been recommended on other threads; what else is can't miss?

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  1. The mushroom/goat cheese pizza!

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    1. basically everything they have ever served me has been terrific.

      1. Mushroom toast, smoked trout salad, pasta rags with artichoke and spicy sausage.

        1. Told ya - if they still have the PEI mussel w/chorizo, GET IT (as long as you do mussels).

          Also, ANY of the side veggies are awesome, awesome, awesome. Good white wine too.

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            I definitely love good museels. I'll get it if it's available.

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              Then you must. It behooves you.

              And if you like good white wine, order the Mas de Felines, Picpoul. (Don't ask me what grape it is, I just drank it!!) Very good, & reasonable (for westside prices anyway) too! (I snaked the menu & wine list, when the host wasn't lookin'!!)

              Have fun, I'm jealous!!!

          2. The escarole and sunchoke salad.

            1. Thank you for the recommendations, all. I was meeting a friend in town for a short layover at LAX, so Gjelina seemed like it would be perfect, and it was. We were seated on the back patio which I was worried would be cold last night, but actually was a little too warm because the heat lamps were on so high. The staff graciously turned them down a little after we asked about it.

              We shared: the charcuterie plate (what's not to like about cured meat? all good, I particularly liked the truffled salami), niman ranch steak tartare (very good although it was hard to tell in the low light if some of this meat had been lightly browned. regardless, the flavor was spot on), gnocchi with sage and brown butter (we ended up with two orders of this. the gnocchi was perfect and the sauce was gilding the lily in the best sense of the phrase), crispy pork belly (i believe this was served over polenta with a maple sauce. portion was on the smaller side so I only got to try a bite, but i would definitely order again), sunchokes with salsa verde (this was as good as everyone says, loved the heat from the salsa verde), the mussels (this wasn't the chorizo preparation phurstluv recommended, but it was excellent, nonetheless. the mussels were perfectly cooked and we kept the bowl of broth at our table long after they were going because everyone (mostly me) kept stealing bites), margherita pizza (ingredients tasted fresh although the crust here is a little on the thin side for my taste. i like the crust at Riva a little better), and the mushroom, goat cheese and truffle pizza (excellent, i hate when dishes mention truffle and then there's no trace of it. this definitely had the lovely scent of a good drizzle of truffle oil).

              We also shared three bottles of wine, although I can't recall which one. There were 6 of us and the bill came out to a little more than $40pp pre tip, which I found insanely reasonable. I'll definitely be back.

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                Hi mollyomormon,

                Thanks for the delicious sounding report. :) I have to try this soon...

                How did the Pork Belly compare with Animal's? :)

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                  Yes, I'll think you'll really enjoy it! Actually, let me know if you need company when you go as I'd happily go back any time.

                  All I can say is that, for me, there a very few things in life that compare with Animal's pork belly ;)...