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Oct 14, 2009 12:25 PM

Auckland and Wellington Fine Dining

My wife and I are leaving in early November for a trip to New Zealand. We will be spending one evening in Wellington and one evening in Auckland. We enjoy fine dining in an excellent ambiance. Where should we enjoy that special meal if we will be in those two cities for only one meal.

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  1. Hi,

    try this as a reference
    and try to pick up a copy of the magazine, certainly the best food/wine magazine i have come across. I ate at Logan Brown for lunch a couple of years ago, excellent, and great value. Also not sure if you like coctails but Matterhorn used to be excellent.
    As for Auckalnd, French Cafe rates very highly and have heard good things about Cibo.

    Be interested to hear how you go as we are heading back that way next year, hopefully

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      We visited Wellington last week and had a lovely meal at Matterhorn. Nice cocktails and great ambiance, service was attentive and pleasant. We had to wait for a table (no reservation) but the host was great - he checked in on us to let us know that a table would soon be opening up. A really nice/cool space with a good crowd.

    2. I agree: check out the Cuisine website for their list of the top restaurants in New Zealand.

      My picks for each city are:
      Auckland: French Cafe (or I've heard lately that Meredith's is fantastic)
      Wellington: Matterhorn (awesome food and a more funky ambiance) or Logan Brown (true fine dining in a very elegant restored bank building).

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