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Oct 14, 2009 12:14 PM

Burgers and sliders in Florida

Well, I have found a burger heaven--make that a few burger heavens! Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar now offers a FABULOUS burger. But wait--there's more! They even have great burgers for those that don't eat red meat (although I could never give up a good beef burger!). The ahi tuna burger and crabcake burger are phenomenal. Trust me on this one--I am a self-proclaimed burger aficionado.

It may be a bit of a "dump," but there's a great burger at J.R.'s Packinghouse in Sarasota. And Knick's Tavern & Grill has a brunch burger that is phenomenal with bacon and a fried egg on top.

And if you haven't tried the new sliders at Lee Roy Selmon's, you better go fast! Of course, besides the burger slider, I'm crazy for the mini Nathan's hot dog sliders. Burgers and dogs go together, right?!

If you're looking to spend a little bit more, Beach Bistro on Anna Maria Island has the most decadent of all sliders--seared tenderloin topped with seared foie gras topped with demi-glace and Bernaise sauce. Yeah, somebody call my cardiologist!

Anybody know of other good burgers and sliders I can find?

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  1. Pane Rustica's (south tampa) burger beat out 63 other restaurants for Creative Loafing's top dog last year, and it's very deserving of that title. Also square one is yummy and you can't go wrong at 5 guys.

      1. Kobe Beef Sliders at The Fly, Franklin St. Downtown Tampa!

        1. Sort of pushing these restaurants, aren't you!!! Tell everyone you sorta work in that business in Sarasota!!

          1. yum! i tried the ahi tuna burger at fleming's and it is to.die.for. and the hot dog sliders at lee roy selmon's--coupled with an order of sweet potato fries--are, like, the ultimate fall food.

            i second the knick's recommendation, too--and this may be beside the point, but they make a fabulous veggie burger as well!