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Oct 14, 2009 11:57 AM

hands down favorite dishes at both August and Brigtsens

Hi all,

My wife and i will be in town for Voodoo. We have two nights in town before it starts and have reservations at both brigtsens and August. my question is what are you favorites at each place?

Brigtsens: My wife will be having the seafood platter as it's her favorite. I've had the paneed rabbit and the duck and am looking for something new.

We've never been to August.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. August: tasting menu w/wine pairing. If you don't like a course, ask to substitute.

    Brigtsen's: tuna w/ corn sauce, black bean salsa, avacado crema
    apps. are where he all app. meal would be excellent
    softshell w/pecan meuniere..probably unavailable..a must if it is

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      for future reference, when is soft shell crab season? and thank you.

    2. We had the tasting menu at August with wine pairing and it was phenomenal. We aren't scallop people, so that was the worst course for us, but had we know (like you now do) that you could sub a course out, we would have had a perfect meal. I have a long thread about it, that describes everything we ate, I'll try to link it for you.

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        What we had on the tasting menu at August can be found in this long post (along with everything else we ate on our long weekend in NOLA).

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          thanks for the link. nice reviews. my wife isn't a big eater. if she does not do the tasting menu and i want to is that possible or would it be very awkward?

          1. re: helltopay

            I think they prefer the whole table to do the tasting.

      2. Last time jfood ate at Brigtsen's he told Chef Frank that the Shrimp Bisques was "Shrimp flavored heaven". So jfood will cast a vote for that ( and if an order of the sweetbreads sneak by that's OK as well.

        As for the entree, jfood casts a vote for the duck. Until you have eaten Chef Frank's duck, you have not truly experienced a 10+ duck.

        Dessert - jfood loves the Strawbeeries with Tres Leche and mrs jfood votes for the chocolate cake. OK, so they order both and eat as a family.