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Oct 14, 2009 11:50 AM

San Antonio- Riverwalk

I am headed to San Antonio for a conference the first week of November. I've grown up in Memphis accustomed to the wonder of our dry ribs and want to see what San Antonio offers bbq wise. I am also interested in any and all eateries that make San Antonio proud within walking distance of the Riverwalk..

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  1. This thread's OP will be there this upcoming weekend:

    I'll be there next week, here's a few links that helped me out:

    Here's what I have picked out so far:
    Augie's BBQ
    Druther's Cafe
    El Mirador
    Possibly Le Reve, depends if I can convince a coworker to spend the money.

    1. You won't find ribs as good as Memphis IMO. Texas is mostly known for BBQ Brisket, most of the places in SA don't cue properly. I like Two Bros BBQ on West, one of the few places that actually smokes the right way, low and slow over wood.

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        thanks for the advice so far. I knew San Antonio was brisket country, which is not something we in memphis pull off very well.

        What about German or any south of the border restaurants?

        Again, thanks for the leads.

        1. re: 901rob

          Unfortunately there are no BBq joints in the downtown area...Smoke and tourist dont mix...Since San Antonio is the home of Tex-Mex, it kinda hard for Mexican type resturants to florish..and since most "tourists" want to try real Tex-Mex, there are not many other types of latin food Downtown.

          Try looking at the SA Current magazine online for the Best Of San Antonio choices.

          There is some good German food 15 minutes north of San Antonio in New Braunfels, Tx.

          As for BBQ, Brisket is not the only thing on the menu...Pork and Beef Ribs, Chicken, Polish and German style sausage, plus all the fixing...beans, potato salads, and cole slaw...There is a San Antonio Fast BBQ place called Bill Millers BBQ, they have a resturant in the downtown area...A brisket and sausage plate with the fixing is a good lunchtime a burger and fries. There is a Bill Miller's store on the east side of Downtown on Dolarosa st. and a resturant on the west side of downtown on Commerce and Main.

          San Antonio has a good downtown trolley going E-W and N-S...check Via transit for routes.

          you can also check Mi Tierra and Bill Millers for menus and locations

          1. re: SAguy

            BIll Miller? Seriously? I like their fried chicken, but they don't really BBQ and the brisket is awful.

      2. You won't find any of the BBQ that Texas is famous for within walking distance of anywhere in San Antonio. You need to rent a car and drive to Luling for City Market (the closest to San Antonio of the best Central Texas smoked meat markets) where you should order brisket "wet." And get a couple of hot links as well.

        I understand that you might not want to do that, and that's fine, but don't go back to Memphis believing that anything you ate in San Antonio proper is the barbecue that makes Texans "proud."

        What you will have eaten in San Antonio is the barbecue with which Texans "make do" between visits to the iconic joints that carve up the "wonder."

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          Actually there IS authentic 'que on the riverwalk. Stop in at County Line...all the food is cooked at one of their other spots. Real Pit Q

          1. re: dillonsmimi

            I wouldn't compare County Line to Luling City Market, and since the food is trucked in and not fresh, the quality must suffer.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              Wow. No kidding.

              Holding brisket really causes the quality to suffer. Especially when you're trucking it in from somewhere else.

              Compare that to City Market in Luling, where they pull it right off of the fire and carve it up.

              Not to mention that while County Line can be a fun restaurant, the 'cue there is almost universally considered to be mediocre. Except, I suppose, for the beef ribs. I'm not a fan of beef ribs but my friends that are say County Line's are pretty good.