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Oct 14, 2009 11:32 AM

Late lunch midtown...above E. 57th St., low E. '60s.

Nothing fancy, just looking for a nice place were 2 friends can catch up and have a tasty salad / sandwich. Not expensive.

(The prices at the Bergdorf Goodman restaurant are ridiculous!)

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    1. you can also go to obika mozzarella bar!

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      1. re: smokeandapancake

        I litterally just ate there today. Really tasty but it definitely does not fit in the "not expensive" category. $15 for a lemonade and a miniscule sandwhich.

        1. re: badabingdesi

          ha, i think they do have prefixe's though.

      2. Just got back from lunch at Fishtail (62nd btw Park and Lex). Generally, it would not fit your "not expensive" criteria. But, they are running a special "Oktoberfest" menu that's a great deal. Had a lobster bisque and a tuna burger for $10 (pre-tax/tip).

        1. Beacon is a little out of your zone (25 West 56th Street) but they are open from 11 straight through until 10 at night. so you can get lunch late in the day if y ou like. Their Roasted Lobster Soup is (imho) ome of the best tasting items I've tasted anywhere in a long time.