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Oct 14, 2009 11:29 AM

A list of Montreal's "must-eats" should be a permanent fixture on this board [Moved from Quebec board]

It seems every day there is an out-of-towner inquiring about where to eat in Montreal. Often these people haven't done a search. In part this could be because it is difficult to know what precise terms to enter. Regardless, a MTL hounder invariably points to some relevant links or suggests the standard "must" restaurants. Is there anyway we can have a permanent thread, right at the top, (is this what a "sticky" thread is?) that either lists the key restaurants or lists all the threads that advise visitors. It could be called "Montreal for beginners" or something like that. If memory serves me right, Carswell might already have put together a list. Is there anyway that this could be a permanent thread, right at the top of the board?? Maybe we could even make it an FAQ-type thing where recommendations are stratified by price, neighbourhood, food type, etc. (Although perhaps this requires too much work./administration).

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  1. That's an excellent idea. It would be great to have a sticky post with all the ''must-eats''. Also, it should have a scoring sheet (or ranking - I know it would require a little bit of administration).

    1. We don't, and won't create stickies that suggest specific restaurants, since that information changes all the time, and isn't necessarily something everyone agrees on.

      That said, our Lists function is perfect if you want to make your own list of Montreal Must-Eats, and refer those new posters to your list. Here's a wonderful example from rworange for San Francisco newbies:

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        That's a lovely example. I've made a couple of lists of my own that I post links to if they seem useful to the poster inquiry, but nothing as wonderfully comprehensive as that. I have found that once some board members make lists, others do as well, or post links to other members' lists.

        1. re: Jacquilynne

          Is there any way you can "favorite" a list? I think that would be a very helpful feature.

          1. re: Jacquilynne

            «our Lists function is perfect if you want to make your own list of Montreal Must-Eats»

            Sorry but that is patently untrue. As has been reported more than once -- and repeatedly ignored by the Chowhound team -- the Lists/Restaurants/Search functions balk at accented letters. Specifically, they truncate the word, beginning with the accented letter. That means an entry like Québécoise Hot Dog shows up in your listing as Qu. See for yourself:

            In other words, it's useless. And the failure of the Chowhound team to address or even acknowledge this problem bespeaks a cultural arrogance that is ultimately insulting to Quebecers and others whose alphabet differs even slightly from the standard North American English character set.

            Personally, I have zero use for these new functions with their Yelpish star ratings and Zagat-like vulgarization of the detailed content so many painstakingly provide. I also very much resent the slower loading times that they seem to have brought. But that's beside the point in this thread. What isn't is that the new functions are fatally flawed for users in places where people don't write exactly like anglophone North Americans do. Shame!

            1. re: carswell

              Hear, hear!

              People on the Québec board have unanimously given up on all the new bells and whistles. They are completely useless on our board. I echo carswell's sentiment. I understand that the Québec board really isn't that important to TPTB since advertising on this site is aimed towards Americans, but the fact that the problem hasn't even been acknowledged is truly insulting.

              And has for the sticky request. Most of those "Where to eat in Montreal?" threads are started by hit-and-run posters who are either too lazy or stupid to do a search or even peruse the threads on the front page of the board. They bring nothing to the conversation and I have no use for them. How about a sticky that goes something like:

              "Welcome to the Québec Chowhound board. This forum is for exchanging tips on the most delicious food in our province. If you want to engage in discussion with us about your food finds or if you are a hound from out-of-town looking for some tips please feel free to peruse our current threads or, if you can't find what you're looking for, start a new thread on a specific subject. If you are just dropping in to ask for a generic list of restaurant suggestions for your upcoming trip and have no intention of participating in the conversation please refer to other sites that will suit you much better such as Yelp, Citysearch, Zagat's and Martiniboys. We really don't have time to waste on fools and ingrates who don't get what these forums are about and only want to abuse our good will. Thank you for taking the time to read this and good hounding!"

              1. re: carswell

                This should be fixed from a functional perspective -- accents are supported now. I did check the new restaurant data that was imported for Quebec when we brought it in and I did find restaurants that seemed to have their accents in the right place, and didn't find any that seemed to be cut off, but that restaurant record pre-dates the new Restaurants function, so it may be just a holdover for records that were created in the bad old days. Here's an example of a newly created record:


                I fixed Quebecoise Hot Dog, as well:

                If you want to point out bad / broken records, I'm happy to update them for you, or I can set you (or other people) up with edit access so you can update them yourself. If you'd like me to update them, please do give me the full correct name with accents in place. I'm a Toronto-anglo, and making my computer cough up accents befuddles me -- I can only do it painfully slowly by copying from the character map.

            2. Sounds a little too much like Zagat, which has exactly what you are looking for. I would agree that this is not the purpose of chowhound. Everyone has a different opinion and although it is frustrating to search, not find what you are looking for and then have others send you links that are relevant, the new post will lead to new debates and fresh information. This is a plus over Zagat.

              1. Why doesn't someone write an FAQ like the following one for Manhattan (part of New York City) and ask the moderators to sticky-post it?