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Oct 14, 2009 10:30 AM

Recommendations around CROWNE PLAZA LONDON THE CITY [London]

I am going to work in London for 3 days next week, and would love some good food recommendations from you all.

I have heard the Italian place inside the actual hotel is very good.

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  1. It is excellent. I lunched there on Monday of last week, casing the joint for our office Christmas party, which we've booked there. Their slow roast rump of lamb was one of the nicest main courses I've eaten for a long time. Lovely intense jus. My colleagues' calf's liver, mushroom pasta and plain roast chicken all won praise.

    10 minutes walk north gets you to the Bleeding Heart in Bleeding Heart Yard which would be my first target. A little east of that is St John which you will find much raved about on this board.

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          Any others? Went to the Italian last night, and had a simple pasta, and the Octopus Carpaccio which was fantastic. Any must have dishes at St.John. The roast bone marrow is on top of my list.

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            Walk across Blackfriars Bridge and try the Anchor and Hope on The Cut - great gastropub (ex-St John's). Or if you head West along Fleet St, Lutyens, a recent Conran opening, has been given some pretty good reviews - might be a good breakfast spot.

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              You won't go wrong with the bone marrow.