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Oct 14, 2009 09:51 AM

Need Suggestion: Chinatown/Downtown--Good Fish Dishes/Nice Atmosphere

Going to dinner tomorrow. Location should be in Chinatown/Penn Quarter or Downtown. Looking for some good fish (doesn't have to be a seafood place)--not just the typical salmon and tuna entrees. I've also been craving octopus lately.

I was thinking Ceiba or D'Aqua. Can anyone comment on here. There's not much discussion on either on these boards.. I was also thinking about possibly going to Cafe Atlantico. They seem to have some fish dishes. Help and suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. You could go to Proof for the sable fish. I had some of my mother's red snapper dish at Ceiba and that was very good.

    1. acadiana is a decent option for fish. i believe they have squid, but probably no octopi.

      1. I believe Zaytinya has both fish and Octopus. Wasn't blown away by my last visit to Cafe Atlantico for dinner, but I had a meat dish. Ceiba has great ceviche. If you want really casual, you can to to New Big Wong in China town and pick a fish out of the tank.

        1. I've had really good fish at Oceanaire (near Metro center). I also think Ceiba would be a good choice.

          1. I've had some nice fish dishes at Cafe Atlantico in the past---but I think it might have been salmon or Artic Char.

            Proof also has some nice fish dishes (and of course they have great appetizers including the tuna tartar and gnocchi).

            I like Ceiba but I don't think I've ever had fish there.