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Oct 14, 2009 09:17 AM


Ok everyone. Need your help.

Celebrating first wedding anniversary on 11/1/2009. (Chowhub and I have been together for 10+ years) but still want to have a great time!

We like everything from burgers/sammies at Nook (I don't eat beef, hubs does), to family eats at Mirror of Korea, to sushi at Origami, to some upscales like Nicollet Island Inn. Hubs does not enjoy the dress up part much (he's a motocross guy), but will gladly for the occasion. Hubs also loves seafood (Sadly, Im allergic, usually not a problem tho when we're out).

We want to choose a place together. Here are my thoughts:

112 Eatery (Yum, but been there)
Restaurant Alma (yum, but been there)
W.A. Frost (cocktails/apps only)
Seven Sushi Lounge (had cocktail in bar before Fogo but never eaten, reviewed menu)
Zahtar (never been)
Strip Club
Grand Cafe (been there, not sure if hubs would like)

I always see great reviews for Meritage, Heidi's, LBV, Vincent's etc. but I'll be honest-not a French fan - I've eaten at LBV, Vincents - and I've come to the conclusion that my French likings extends to un croque monsieurs and Barbette. Don't want to spend my $ that way.

Anyone want to help us make our decision? We will probably choose the Tuesday of that week (3rd) since we have a wedding on Halloween. Price-no factor for this occasion. (for app, cocktails/wine, dinner, dessert).

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  1. My husband and I have enjoyed romantic dinners at Strip Club (try to get a table upstairs overlooking downtown).

    Lurcat has the most tasty piece of halibut on their menu right now.

    1. How about the bar at La Belle Vie?

      I am a fan of Lurcat myself and think it can be romantic looking out over Loring Park, so I'd second reetsyburger's reccommendation. I also love Saffron, so I'd recommend that.

      You may be disappointed by Oceanaire if you are not eating seafood.

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        1. I third Lurcat and second Saffron. Would also add Craftsman. Not known for seafood, but the meat dishes are amazing.

          1. Meritage. It has the french bistro food you appear to prefer, has a beautiful room, and the restaurant itself is the result of a wedding.

            We have had two very good experiences at La Grassa in the last week, though the ambiance is less than romantic. Cosmos hasn't disappointed us yet, and has had terrific seafood. Bank is romantic and the food has been executed very well the couple times we've been, though they play it safer than most. I like Bank, though it isn't on many radars. Saffron is a terrific suggestion.

            We had a poor experience at Strip Club about a week ago so I can't recommend that. Similarly I cannot recommend Sea Change. Two trips in 3 weeks and both were spotty.

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              I would go with the Strip Club. We're celebrating our first anniversary too!! (This weekend!!) Congratulations to you!!