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Oct 14, 2009 09:17 AM

MSG-free Pho?

Hi everyone,

I've never had pho before, and I'm dying to try it. However, I've been afraid to try it because of my severe reaction to MSG. Does anyone know if any of the South Philly pho shops are MSG-free? Thanks!

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  1. I haven't been able to find any in S Philly since most make only a very large quantity. (I had a reaction from one of them too). However, if ever in the burbs, Pho Thai Nam on Dekalb in Blue Bell makes a nice non MSG one, so that's where I enjoy it. They also make good papaya salad & drunken noodles.

    1. my family (5) and I have been going to PHO 75 on Adams ave near roosevelt Blvd for over 10 years, it is consistently the best. We have all taken friends and other family members, 20+? people and no one has ever had a reaction. All of the waiters and certainly the people working the register and answering the phone speak english. Call them, they will tell you the truth rather than have you come in be sick and unhappy. they have 2 other locations i believe 1 in china town and 1 in So. Philly near 9th and Washington.

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        I reacted from Pho 75 (other location, but probably same).

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          For what it's worth I have been eating at Pho75 since the early 1980's starting at their loication in Langly Park, Md. They had other places before Langly Park in the DC area and I did eat there too...but Pho 75 is graet Pho, at least the best I have had - the Adams ave one is great as usual...I am sorry that they seem to do the soup with MSG - from the speed one gets an order it seems clear that they have it made up already...but a special order might be somthing they could do - does not hurt to ask!

          Link to google map:

        2. Let me know if you find one - I LOVE Pho, but I get really bad headaches from MSG so it's always like a "do I REALLY want to do this and be out for the night" kind of thing. Kinda counters the benefits of a cheap meal. MSG does make things delicious, it's unfortunate.