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Oct 14, 2009 08:33 AM

Chic From Barcelona---Dallas

Anyone else tried this place? I tried when it first opened about two years or more ago and it was excellent. The chicken was superb and I loved most that the menu was simple. I see now that the menu has expanded with a lot of tapas and even Paella now. Just wondering if it was still as good as I remember!

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  1. as of about a month ago, it was still very good, although I didn't have the paella. Had the chicken and can vouch for it.

    1. For lunch on Friday, April 9, 2010, a friend and I visited "CHIC of Barcelona" at Preston and Forest in Dallas, Tx. This restaurant came to my attention by way of the Passport coupon book; CHIC was new addition to their Spring 2010 edition and I thought I'd check them out.

      In the past, I have enjoyed many of the restaurants advertised in the Passport without any problem. Today at CHIC was different.

      When it came time to pay for the bill, I went through my typical process of requesting the bill and handing the waiter my coupon. He graciously accepted and went to total the bill.

      A couple of minutes later, he returned to tell me that the coupon was not valid for lunch. I looked at the coupon and there were no time nor date restrictions. On the back, it stated "Open for lunch and dinner!" After showing this to the waiter, he trotted off to the manager only to return to say that she would not accept the coupon. At this time, he offered that I speak to the manager and I quickly accepted.

      This is when customer service started going down the drain...

      Now that I've negated the "coupon not valid during lunch" excuse, the manager comes to our table with a new reason stating that the lunch menu item we had was an "offer" and the coupon states "coupon is not valid with any other offer." I have never heard of a menu item being equated as an "offer." The word "offer" was never written anywhere on their menu. She just made up an excuse to justify refusing the coupon.

      Let's "assume" that she meant "no specials valid with this offer." Well, this wasn't written anywhere on the coupon either. I've seen many coupons that are not to be use with a menu special, but the coupon states that upfront or there is a notation as such in the menu. An omission like this by the restaurant is not a reason to decline to honor the promotion that got the customer in the door.

      The manager then proceeded to make the situation MY FAULT by telling me that I did not present the coupon before I ordered. Again, no where on the coupon did it say I had to present before ordering. Other coupons in the Passport state "Please present certificate before your bill is totaled" or "Please mention discount when ordering." Neither of these phrases were on the coupon thus we have to return to the lesson we learned in the previous paragraph!

      From this point on, the conversation just went downhill. I could see that she had no intention of honoring the coupon and she had no intention of creating a happy customer experience.

      In a similar situation, my wife and I ate at Kirby's Woodfire Grill on Greenville Ave on Tuesday, April 6th. Somehow, we came into possession of a $20 gift card. Thinking it was the same as cash, we proceeded to have a lovely dinner. Upon the bill being delivered, the waiter noticed that a gift card was being used and told us that one of our menu items did not meet the requirements. However, at his own insistence, he took it upon himself to get our gift card approved. If I can paraphrase what he said, "The pizza menu item was not intended to be use with this card... but let me see what I can do about that." He returned to our table with the $20 deducted from our bill and delivered it with confidence and a smile. Now that is customer service!

      The moral of this story is... if you chose to go to CHIC because you saw it in the Passport, don't expect them to live up to the expectations set by other restaurants that advertise in the Passport.


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          What a load of crap! Based on your experience, I'll never go there!

          I also have one of those $20.00 "gift cards" for Kirby's Wood Fire Grill. I think it does state quite clearly on the card that it is for "dinners" only. As in appetizer, entree, etc. But, that was a nice gesture on KWFG's part. That's the kind of attitude that will definitely insure a diner's return.

          1. re: twinwillow

            What a confusing time we live in when many restaurants, some not open yet, are called Wood Fired Grill with some other attachment to it. I see Kirby's and think Kenny's. I dunno.

          2. re: zzz1624

            It's the good economy. Business is so good, they're probably turning customers away by the boat load.