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Oct 14, 2009 07:49 AM

Gourmet Glatt & more in Queens

Has anyone heard that 1. Gourmet Glatt is opening in the space that was Kissena Farm Store. 2. Angelo's on Main St.has been sold and will reopen as a kosher establishment with the same venue.

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  1. I have hard 2 things regrading Gourmet Glatt

    1) It will be an offshoot of Gourmet Glatt in the 5 Towns

    2) A manager is leaving Gourmet Glatt and is looking for investors to open up a 1 stop shopping Gourmet Glatt type of supermarket.

    Either way, they are researching the area to find out if people will spend that extra few bucks for a better cut of meat mentality.

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    1. re: HungryJew

      If they follow the 5 towns model then you are looking for consumers that are willing to pay more across the board. I don't see why Queens should have a problem, here in the 5 towns Gourmet Glatt has no problem and Brooklyn has Pomegranate which appears to be doing quite well with its higher prices as well.

      1. re: MartyB

        If they end up being more expensive than Brach's and Supersol, then they won't get business. Supersol isn't doing well due to their higher prices across the board on everything.

        Meanwhile, MartyB, every time I see the Gourmet Glatt ad in the Five Towns Jewish Times and compare it to my Queens Brach's prices, I'm shocked that we in Queens always pay more; we have almost no items on sale and surely no weekly flyer like the Five Towns stores, so hopefully Gourmet Glatt in Queens (still to be called Kissena Farms according to the sign) will pay attention to this and price items lower than its competition.

        1. re: latke

          Lately Gourmet Glatt has some nice sale items and a reason why I lately always make a pass through them when I shop. Outside of the sale items, Brachs here in the five towns has better prices. However I have to admit that Gourmet Glatt is a nice place to shop especially if price is not an issue. They are very much on top of their inventory and rarely run out of anything. Brachs is always having problems keeping their shelves stocked - either because of the sheer volume of their business or that they are not on the ball.

          The following link will have links to all three of the 5 towns kosher supermarkets circulars.