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Oct 14, 2009 06:05 AM

Cheese or Font?

Just read about this site: They give you 268 words that are either a Cheese or a Font (and tells you if you're right/wrong as it switches to the next word). Also give you a Practice mode or a Game mode. Also gives you stats as to how you did against others.

Kind of fun - I'm not as good as picking out cheese names as I thought, but so far (about 50 in) I'm holding my own at about 60%. We'll see how I do with the remaining 210. :-)

ETA: I ended up with 62.3% correct, vs. the average of 59%. Phew. At least I'm a smidge above average. ;-)

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  1. Are text designers also cheese fans? So many utter surprises on cheese names, plus I never realized how many font names sound like cheeses! An oddly charming time waster that makes you want a snack. Helvetica on crackers?


    1. Linda, you must a lot more patient than I am because I gave up after about 30. It is indeed very tricky. I think scored around average but I had another 238 to go.

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      1. re: Miss Needle

        65.3% at finish but I used to sell cheese so, unfair advantage?
        I think I'm a little rusty actually.

      2. 67.5%.... I think that means I like to waste time doing silly quizzes!