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Where should we celebrate our anniversary in Philly this year?

lillotis Oct 14, 2009 05:55 AM

So, we usually do Vetri- which is our favorite of all time. My husband is a former chef and a serious foodie. We have not been out in the city for dinner in over 6 months and have not tried any new places in past year or so. I was thinking of Zahav (although my husband is not huge on Middle Eastern). I was also thinking of going back to James. We loved it there and have been meaning to go back. Looking for a restaurant that will wow the husband! Shockingly, we have never done Amada or Tinto- just distrito. Oh yeah, we have done lacroix, Fountain and leBecfin, but do not want to do those as repeats this year.

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    Hungryin theBurbs RE: lillotis Oct 14, 2009 06:48 AM

    Amada is great, definitely worth the trip. For an anniversary, though, I'd go to Bibou (I did, in fact), have the 7 course prix fixe, and bring a great bottle of wine.

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      Buckethead RE: Hungryin theBurbs Oct 14, 2009 07:47 AM

      Me too. You may have a problem getting a reservation though, it's small and since the reviews came out, it's been very busy. Zahav is fantastic too. The menu is probably not what your husband has in mind when he thinks of middle eastern food.

      Kanella is another place that is new-ish and great.

    2. j
      jl0328 RE: lillotis Oct 14, 2009 09:34 AM

      Had a great dinner at Fond the other night. Staff was very attentive and the food was delicious. Always a bonus when you can bring your fave wine too!

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        Bigley9 RE: lillotis Oct 14, 2009 09:38 AM

        I just went to James for the first time in a while (8 months or so?) We had an excellent meal and deciding what to have was a truly difficult experience! While the menu changes there constantly, we had: Miso soup - artisianal miso, scallops instead of tofu, raw and thinly sliced but cooked gently by the hot broth, thinly sliced mitake mushrooms. Amazing. Beet salad - raosted beets and their greens, served with duck crackling and grapefruit segments - a lovely blend of flavors, I wasn't sure about the grapefruit but it really worked. Risotto with Hawiian Blue shrimp - perfectly al dente riso, again the shrimp thinly sliced and raw except for as they cooked on the riso (apparently Hawiian Blue shrimp are the only US shrimp certified to be served raw) and a fennel pollen sauce that was poured into a dent in the riso that the shrimp then sat on top of, . I had butter poached John Dory with chestnuts and the chowspouse had a wegu beef special served with truffle sauted butter lettuce! Kristina is back after the birth of her and Jim's son and is as delightful as ever. If you enjoy James, this is a perfect between seasons time to go!

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          mitchh RE: lillotis Oct 14, 2009 10:52 AM

          First, congrats on your anniversary.

          If both of you are sushi fans, you can't go wrong with going to Morimoto.

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            micreynolds RE: lillotis Oct 14, 2009 11:17 AM

            I would use any excuse possible (anniversary, birthday, obama wins the nobel prize, blowing up the moon, etc.) to go to Vetri over and over and over again. The grand tasting menu with the wine pairing is special, romantic (since it is your anniversary and all), and you can tailor the menu to items you haven't yet tried. I think it's the best restaurant experience soup to nuts in Philadelphia.

            James is great too, especially during the wintertime. I'm a sucker for any place with a fireplace though.

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              rocknroll52 RE: lillotis Oct 14, 2009 12:13 PM

              I don't think Amada,Tinto or Zahav are very romantic. I like XIX at the Bellevue for a special occasion.

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              1. re: rocknroll52
                andrewlee RE: rocknroll52 Oct 15, 2009 02:18 PM

                Depends on your definition of romantic. I find Amada fun and romantic. It's not sappy, over-the-top candlelit, flowers kinda place, but romantic with the right person, I s'pose.

                Tinto I think is poor overall + don't recommend. Not Garce's shining moment.. Zahav if he doesn't like middle eastern -- not good.

                1. re: andrewlee
                  Philly Ray RE: andrewlee Oct 15, 2009 02:27 PM

                  I agree about Amada. I think sharing food is most definitely romantic and Amada lends itself to that.

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