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Green Pepper Dilemma

Thanks to a long, cold rainy NH summer few of my peppers had time to turn red. With several below freezing nights predicted, I picked all the peppers last night. I have a variety of sweet green heirloom types in a variety of shapes from bell to long skinny. I need some recipe ideas. This weekend I will freeze the ones I don't plan to use for a meal(s). Do you have a favorite stuffed green pepper recipe? A stir fry or curry? TIA

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  1. Have all your friends over to watch Sunday football and serve Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.


    1. Frittata, peppers with onions, sauasage and potatoes, gumbo, pickled peppers.

      1. I like CI's stuffed pepper recipe, using red and yellow bell peppers. My stuffed pepper opinion is that the filling should be light and not packed together, should contain cooked rice, and the whole thing should be smothered with a spicy, tangy tomato sauce!

        A dear friend of mine with a huge garden just slices the pepper flesh away from the seeds, puts them in plastic bags, and freezes them as is. Apparently for cooking applications the frozen ones are virtually indistinguishable from fresh. :)

        1. I picked the last of my red bells last week because they weren't getting bigger; I looked at them tonight & decided to make a roasted pepper & tomato chowder with them tomorrow; a little garlic & onion and crushed red pepper. You can also roast green peppers like red and use basically the same way. I like to use a variety of peppers to make rellanos stuffed with cheese & chorizo, roll in flour then dipped in an egg batter (egg & flour) and lightly fry or bake. Serve topped with salsa and fresh tortilla chips & salad on the side.

          1. I just recently had a fantastic bean burrito, got the recipe and want to do stuffed peppers using that recipe. It was soooo yummy and although the burrito didn't have any rice in it, the recipe did say you could add. It was a nice mix of flavors: sweet from lil brown sugar, grated carrots, smoky cumin and chili powder.

            If you want the recipe, let me know - it was a personal recipe, not from an author (collection of friends type)

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              lexpatti, yes, I would like that recipe. I liked the ingredients you listed. Also, I'll have to look up rellanos because I'm not very familiar with Mexican cooking. Sam, I'd love the recipe if you have one to share. I have the Ultimate Thai cookbook but I find that some of the recipes are terrible. Also, I need to learn how to steam. It looks easy enough, I just have never done it. We love Thai food. LauraGrace, the stuffed peppers you described are what I had in mind but the last time I made stuffed peppers it was a 1970s-80s circa microwave recipe and I think the sauce required a can of tomato soup.

              Unfortunately but fortunately my husband doesn't watch sports but a Philly Cheese Steak is an idea. We've been eating sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches as quick meals since the peppers started coming in.

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                Here it is ( I didn't write down all amounts but should work fine):
                Veggie and Black Bean Burritos
                saute - oil, garlic, red onion, red pepper and yellow pepper (these are chopped)
                simmer 10 min - 1 c bl beans, 3c shredded carrots, 1/2c broccoli, 1/2c shitaki mush, 2TB chili pwder, 2 TB cumin, 1/2c red wine, 1/2c brown sugar - add saute ingrediants. (optional to add cooked rice)

                This week I had made a quinoa salad and I bought several big peppers and stuffed them with the quinoa salad (adding a little cheese) and put them in a crockpot with very lil (2 ice cubes) stock. let them go low 6-8 hours - they came out nice.

                Good luck, I can't wait to do this bean dish.

                Personally, I love love love roasted peppers - I think you could do a nice lasagna with roasted peppers as a layer - did it recently with roasted butternut squash. It was great!

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                I have never had a Thai stuffed pepper, but that sounds interesting. Care to share a recipe (or basic how-to)?

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                  Ground pork and beef; chopped green onion, garlic, ginger, chiles, cilantro, torn mint, red onion; fish sauce, soy sauce, bit of lime juice; stuff and steam. Serve with a hot sauce on the side.

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                    Kind of laab/larb-ish--I was wondering if that's what you meant. Nice! I've never made my own. I will report back when I do. Very different from the Italian variety I'm used to. Thanks!

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                      Kind of like laab, but much less lime juice and liquid. Steam unitl the peppers are quite soft. Please do report back.

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                        I still haven't made these, but now that I found this link again, it's back on my to-make list. After waiting this long, may as well save it till I've got mint on the deck again. Oh, and buddy? I'll report back for sure.

                        Has anyone else made stuffed peppers like these? They do sound so delicious.

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                        double yum. The veggie and bean burritos sound great, I love the addition of carrots and broccoli ... and, if I'm really lucky, I still have some fresh cilantro in the garden for Thai stuffed peppers. If not, it's in the grocery store, I'll just have to pay for it. (Had to PAY for zucchini this week. Hello fall, goodby garden.)
                        Many thanks!

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                          I have enjoyed using a small pepper cut-up in my morning omelet. Lexpatti's veggie and bean burritos have been a lunch treat. I think I would use less brown sugar next time. These do not have a Mexican flavor so I skipped my first notion to top with salsa and sour cream and just added some cheese. Thanks, This recipe is very different and I liked it very much.
                          Last night the family enjoyed a zucchini, red pepper, onion and corn casserole with a cheese sauce flavored with rosemary.
                          Broccoli and red pepper chowder was also good.
                          I have sorted out some smaller bell peppers for Thai stuffed peppers. I have a recipe pic showing small peppers and a rainy sunday search of a used bookstore turned up a Thai cookbook with an interesting stuffed pepper recipe. I'm planning stuffed Thai peppers soon.
                          The current issue of Cooking Light has a tasty looking Singapore Noodle dish for shrimp and sweet red peppers.

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                            very kewl, you are ahead of me - I still haven't tried the recipe myself but keep carrying around the recipe. :-) The one we had was served with salsa on top, fantastic - it was a sweet salsa. I'm dismantling my kitchen to start a renovation - I'm jealous of your time in the kitchen - I'm starting to get frustrated with all my tools,food, etc in another room in boxes. grrrrr - the end result will be nice though.

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                              heck, our kitchen was renovated in 2007. We had a demoliton party in mid-June. It got torn down to the studs and then my husband replaced most of the studs. We had moved into the house over Memorial Day but I was lucky, it was a duplex at the time so I had a tiny apartment size kitchen to tide me over until New Years 2008. Some of my kitchen things are STILL packed away. Hope your kitchen turns out as well as ours did. Now I have garden space and a great kitchen.

                              The sweet salsa makes sense since the filling is tangy sweet.

                              Bear, thanks for another great recipe to try. Doubling the garlic sounds great. I have a folders for recipes so it looks like it's time to start a new one for Peppers.

                              1. re: dfrostnh

                                very kewl, we are excited about a new kitchen (moving it to another room, switching with the dining room, taking down two walls so the living room is open to all too) - fun of old houses.

                2. I've made this dish with only green peppers a couple of times when I've had some to use up. It's very good. If you make it, add about 1/2 the stock and cream then add more if you find it too thick. I also double the garlic.