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Oct 14, 2009 01:49 AM

Bangkok - all things Pandan and Pork Floss

Spent summer 2007 living in BKK, back in town for a few days this week. Interested to hear about any items in food shops or dishes in eateries involving either of the above-mentioned two ingredients. For example have enjoyed pandanus ice lollies and layered cakes and know about chicken cooked in pandan leaf, anything else out there? Assuming I can buy pandan leaves, extract and other products to take back with me.

For pork floss, I know it's more of a Chinese thing but seems to have become popular in BKK. Had an excellent pineapple rice with seafood and pork floss at Erawan Tea Room earlier this week and also enjoy the pork floss buns from various bakeries including Breadtalk in Siam Paragon. Anyone recognise and able to provide co-ordinates for this dried pork floss store in Chinatown?


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  1. no coordinates, but i think that shop is on yawalot on the left side (if you are coming from hualumpong and the river is on your left). past the block with the shanghai mansion/tops supermarket across the street but before surawong road. it's on one of those few blocks anyway, just a short walk.

    that happy pig is a chain. there are outlets in some of the BTS stations. if you go buy a bag of the flat pieces of pork that look like potato chips. no idea what it is exactly but it is delicious.

    1. There's a restaurant called Pandanus on Sathorn Soi 1. They obviously have a few dishes that feature pandanus leaves. I recently dined there with a group of Thais and when I arrived they had already helped themselves to a plate of what looked like fried rice with floss...

      If you come to Singapore I can give you more direct coordinates of where to buy floss - right underneath my house in Chinatown :D