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Oh Boy! Doughboys Is Back (Almost)

I just noticed that the blog Blackburn and Sweetzer posted photos of the interior/exterior of the Doughboys remodel. Looks like it's probably within a month or two of reopening. I echo the sentiment of fellow CHs that they went downhill there the last few years before everything went to hell and the clown show that ensued with all 2 1/2 Doughboys shuttering, but as they say...time heals all wounds. I find myself longing for the after school special and red velvet cake. Anyone else with me or have you given up on this place?

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  1. I fortunately missed the clown show and have only fond memories of Doughboys. What I would do for a piece of that red velvet right about now!

    1. When it was raining the other day I was totally craving the after school special! I gave in and made my own grilled cheese with bacon and had the roasted red pepper & tomato soup from Trader Joe's instead... It was very good, but still not the same as getting it from Doughboys :)

        1. I just found out they're shooting for a December 1st opening.

          1. Yay! I can't wait to tell my husband bout this!

            1. Hooray! The closing of Doughboys was a travesty, and LA became a sadder city because of it. We want it back! Complete with red velvet cake! Doughboys is an LA classic with great history. It started as a little bakery making some of the best bread in the city, and it expanded into a restaurant that allowed the French-trained chef Frank Waldman to take his culinary genius and make it accessible and affordable, never disappointing in quality or quantity. In the early 90's, Doughboys was a pioneer in the genre of taking American classic comfort food and elevating it to greater gastronomic heights without ever taking prices into the stratosphere. If service issues developed down the road, maybe it was because it was never really designed to be a restaurant . . . just a simple bakery that wanted to make food as delicious as humanly possible. On that note, mission accomplished!

              1. Great read, "went downhill there the last few years before everything went to hell and the clown show..." All that, the food, and the artwork, all made the place a real L.A. kind of thing. I did walk out more than twice because of the s-l-o--o-o-w service but that Hummingbird cupcake will bring me back. again.

                1. After reading Franks story on the website, does anyone really want to spend money in his venue?? Is it really worth the quality of the food??? I don't know so, I ask. The attitude revealed in his article was less than professional. BTW, YOU can still order his Red Velvet cakes according to the site.....

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                    I read his website before, and I read it again just now http://www.doughboys.net/whathappened... Unprofessional? In what way? He seems like a very caring and committed owner, who did the absolute best he could under incredibly difficult circumstances.

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                      I can't wait for Doughboy's to reopen. I've missed it ever since they closed. Great news!

                  2. I am completely willing to fogive and forget the inconsistent Highland era and can't wait for them to reopen! I miss the red velvet and monster sandwich and french onion soup. Quite frankly what I miss most is having an eatery with truly great food that really gives you your money's worth.

                    1. Any word on the status of their re-oopening? I thought December 1st was the target date but haven't seen or heard anything.

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                        I couldn't help but notice that the Doughboys website that servorg linked to in October has been nonfunctional for the last few days at least.

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                          I'm now hearing they're hoping to be open by the end of this month.

                        2. I think that people need to understand that the problem with the 3rd Street site was that the only restroom had to be accessed through the kitchen. At some point the Health Dept put an end to that, and Doughboys became a restaurant without a restroom. I am not sure if it was legal, but it certainly stopped people from eating there.

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                            I guess that's possible, but look at Bandera on Wilshire and Barrington. They allow everyone entering from the parking lot (which is where 90+% of their business parks) to enter through the kitchen. That's a hell of lot more foot traffic going through their kitchen than Doughboy's would have had using their kitchen to reach the restroom.

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                              I know this first hand. I had to use the restroom, was told it was not allowed, and had to leave my lunch and my friends and make a dash for the Farmers' Market. I never went back. And I am certain I was not the only one with the experience. They insisted that they did not have to have a restroom, which is absurd.

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                                Well, they had to have a restroom for their employees. But they probably don't need to provide a public restroom if they fall under the following California (possibly this is restricted to LA only) guideline:

                                "Any building constructed before January 1, 2004 that contains a food facility that provides space designated for on-site food consumption must have at least one 1 restroom for customers or guests on the property or in the food facility with the following exception:
                                Operators of food facilities in buildings constructed before January 1, 2004 that are less than 20,000 square feet in size and that have space designated for food consumption, but do not have restrooms for patrons, guests, or invitees, must post a sign in a public area stating that restrooms are not available. Toilet facilities constructed after January 1, 1985 that are accessible only from food preparation or storage areas shall not be used by customers (Section 114105)."

                          2. Yay!! French onion soup!!!

                            1. DOUGHBOYS (3rd Street Location) IS BACK OPEN!!!!
                              I called today and they're open for business... gonna hit them up tonight! It's been far too long!

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                                I went over the weekend. Quick review: Same menu, same service, similar food, smaller portions. Glad to have it back, but the still slow service + smaller portions + the not quite as good food = only drop by from time to time instead of going weekly like I used to. To be fair though, I'm going to give it a month to get its bearings and reevaluate at that time.

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                                  I walked by it the other day and the restaurant seemed significantly smaller given the loss of both outside and inside seats. Or are there any tables around a corner that you can't see from the front?

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                                    It's as small as it looks, and it's SLOWER than you can imagine (poor table of 4 next to us waited for 110 minutes on a Sunday afternoon.. and it started raining...), but that corn pudding with cheese and a fried egg, plus the pork hash on the side... so worth it. Just avoid peak times. (or you can always get it to go)

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                                      Went there on Friday night and it was only 2/3 full. Hostess was nice and held me a table until my friends arrived. They were out on 3 out of the 6 items ordered at the table including the au pistou soup, potatoes (yes, basic order of potatoes), and a basic club sandwich. Service was slow but they were very nice. My favorite item on the menu, French onion soup, was bland all around... bland broth and bland cheese... clearly not the same prepartion or ingredients that were used before they closed down. I walked away disappointed. My friend, to whom I had raved and recommended going to Doughboys that night after a long week, looked at me afterwards and jokingly said "you bring me to this place again and I'll punch you in the face". I can't blame him.