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Oct 13, 2009 09:59 PM

Ocean City, MD in Oct recommendations

Can anyone recommend places for dinner that are reasonably priced, not chain rests, spicy or ethnic very desirable that a group of middle aged babes would enjoy? Thanks for any help.

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  1. Liquid Assets on 94th Street is a good choice if you want quality food in a nice setting.

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    1. re: dpan

      I second the Liquid Assets rec and also rec Tequila Mockingbird for excellent Tex-Mex and margaritas.

    2. Next week is Ocean City Restaurant Week: Ate at Jules and Galaxy 66 last year and got our money's worth.

      1. Middle aged babes, eh? Fager's Island. Alternatively, the Sunset Grill in West Ocean City:

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        1. re: Joe H

          I think I need to clarify. We are a group of old friends who are getting together for a weekend at the beach. Bars and nightlife are not what we are interested in- reasonably priced good food are in order. Since I've never been to OC, I don't know what to expect. Thanks for the recommendations.

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            Fager's Island for someone 30-60 is one of the best restaurants in Ocean City as is the Sunset Grill. Coincidentally both have popular bars. My recommendations were NOT based on their bars or their nightlife, rather their food. They both also have beautiful settings. Fager's Island would be my FIRST choice over all other restaurants in Ocean City for dinner for you and your friends. The argument can also be made that Fager's Island is the most popular restaurant of all in Ocean City off season. Popularity based on its menu and setting as well as its bar. You will feel very comfortable there.

        2. Jules is very good, and if he's still doing the prix fixe early bird specials could be a good deal.

          I've had lunch at Galaxy 66 and thought it was quite good.

          1. Just last week my son and I shared calamari and a margarita pizza at Fausto's on the boardwalk. It is not a beautiful place but the service was quite good and the food was delicious. We really relaxed and enjoyed the view of the ocean. We both want to go back again soon.