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Oct 13, 2009 07:33 PM

The Long and Winding Road to Brindisi's (Saratoga Springs)

Ventured out without reservations and headed to Saratoga Springs. Started at Chianti's. An hour and a half wait. This was my third time to Chianti's. I have only actually eaten there once and the experience was mixed. Why do people love this place? I just don't get it. PS They still don't take reservations.

Next. . .

Wandered over to Max London's and put our name on a list.

Finally ended up at Brindisi's. People were really nice here. Server was very good. Place was crowded. Had some Utica chicken dish. Food was bland. PS Hounds posts on Brindisi's were spot on, as usual.

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  1. You must go to Chianti again. The food is excellent and the place convivial. Agree about Brindisi's: incidentally, Brindisi's took over the old Chez Sophie space in the Hilton, now called The Union Grille.

    1. I think the right strategy is to give Chianti your name and cell number, and then go for a drink, to the Wine Bar, 9 Maple, someplace good. They'll phone. People love the place because of the food, the wine, the service and the atmosphere, most of the reasons that they're pretty blah about Brinidisi.

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          chianti is all about the wine and food, hope you try and like.....

      1. Brindisi's is on my worst of, why are they still open list in Saratoga....bad service, tight space and rowdy crowd, my friend almost got in the middle of a fist fight last time I tried it. Hate it on a busy day like new years.