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Oct 13, 2009 07:22 PM

Fine Dining In/Near Gettysburg

Next Tuesday we're taking my mother-in-law to visit the Gettysburg Cyclorama/Museum and want to take her out someplace nice afterwards. We'd hoped to go to the Sheppard Mansion (we've taken her there before and she loved it) but I learned that they're not open on Tuesdays. The place we go doesn't have to be as elegant as that, but it should be somewhere that would be perceived as "special" by an 88-year-old woman. Ethnic cuisines wouldn't be suitable, nor would a noisy, bustling, "young" sort of atmosphere. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. Sidney in East Berlin, PA would probably fit the bill. See

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      We've been to Sidney with her and liked it, though not as much as the Sheppard Mansion. That might be a good choice, though, and I see that they're open Tuesdays.

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        With all due respect to profjmm, you need to use this address without the "index" extension:

        And folks, I'd suggest you take a close look at the menu BEFORE you go. It may be right up your alley ... and it may not be. It's a rather limited menu, and what they have is all rather unique.

      2. I live in Gettysburg, right smack in the middle of the tourist district. I've been to the Sidney aswell and had and enjoyable experience but a little closer to home is the Herr Tavern & Public House. During the civil war, it served as a war hospital but now it is a beautiful bed and breakfast with a 4 star dining experience. The menu is reinvented weekly and as much produce as possible is grown locally. Very elegant dining rooms and three talented chefs. Even the icecreams and sorbets are house made. If your mother-in law enjoys wine, I'm sure she will appreciate the vast wine list and beautiful wine celler located down stairs. The restaurant is located 5 miles from the square of Gettysburg on route 30 west.

        Herr Tavern & Publick House
        900 Chambersburg Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325