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My Most Favorite to open on West 72nd Street

in the space formerly occupied by Nargila Grill and Dougies. Opening planned for November.
It seems that Prime Grill is also planning to open a bistro on the UWS.

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  1. Love Prime - I think it'll be great on the UWS!

    1. Anyone know where the PG location is?

      Do you think that a $65 steak and a $40 lunch can survive on the UWS?

      I think it would be great if it was a different version of PG...one that focuses on the customer and the food instead of cranking out huge #'s focusing on turning tables.

      As far as mmfd, I hope its a good dairy option, there hasnt been one with integrity since they closed the Makor kitchen, that place was dairy done right.

      1. Interesting. They started out in the 80's on the East side. It never was as good as the prices, but it was good for a lunch/brunch on a Sunday shopping day. Haven't been to midtown. Is that location closing?

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          I don' think so. 72nd street is described as a "branch"

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            in the 80s when very few kosher places really pput any energy into their desserts, they were a novelty, despite the insane prices, specially given how mediocre the menu is

            today, there are lots of places with great desserts, i really dotn see their appeal anymore

            1. re: shoelace

              Honestly... I don't see the appeal of MMF. When we were kids, lots of fun to go to a 'fancy' restaurant in the city... now there are better options

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                A lot of decent restaurants on 72nd closed over the years - Joseph's, Provi Provi, Dougies, etc etc - it's nice to have an alternative up there.

            1. re: craigcep

              Kosher-ny sent out an e-mail yesterday

            2. Will the midtown branch remain open?

              1. I would not eat at MMF if they gave me the meal for free bec. their prices are outragious, the food average, the service poor, and the attitude arrogant. I ate there several times over theyears and finally gave up.

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                1. re: Reveg

                  MMFM is terribly overrated, as well as overpriced. Who is going to pay 30 dollars
                  or more for a small piece of fish in this economy. Terrible idea for this entity to
                  open on UWS. Besides, there desserts are not what they are cracked up to be.

                  1. re: Reveg

                    I second the arrogance comment. She is not customer-friendly. And, yes, all of her food is overrated.

                  2. I heard that the PG UWS location is going to be Japanese - and average entree is going to be less than reg PG prices -

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                    1. MMF at 72nd versus Noidue at 69th? I think I'd have to go with Noidue, presuming I can get a table.

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                      1. re: masteraleph

                        Only reason I can think to go to MMF is fish. Beyond that I'll take Noidue any day.

                      2. fish, sushi - i bet - good reason to get out of brooklyn...

                        1. Anything new on either MMF or Prime Grill on the UWS? Haven't seen either yet or heard anything new.

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                            Koshertopia.com (the successor to kosher-ny) had an announcement a few weeks ago that Prime KO is to open in late February or early March at 217 W. 85th St. : http://www.koshertopia.com/blog/news/...

                            1. re: GilaB

                              passed by yesterday and the W 85th street space is boarded up, no sign of imminent activity. But MMF on 72nd street already has a sign up. I heard that Coco Cafe is opening across the street from them this weekend.