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Oct 13, 2009 06:35 PM

Help! La Regalade or Aux Lyonnais?

I'm trying to choose between the two for dinner next Tuesday. I was going to have the prix fixe menu at either location. Right now, Aux Lyonnais is closer to where I'll be at that time, but I'm just as happy to hop on the metro to get to Regalade.

I already have reservations for Josephine the day before and will try to get reservations for CAJ on Saturday nigh (wish me luck). If I can't get a table for CAG on Saturday, is there another place that I should consider?

Looking forward to your advice.

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  1. If you can get into CAJ then I would go for Aux Lyonnais as I find CAJ and Regalade similar. If not then I would go for Regalade on Tuesday and Lyonnais on Saturday (Regalade isn't open weekends)

    1. I have not eaten at Regalade, but have at both Josephine and Aux Lyonnais. I loved them both, and while they are both casual, more traditionalist bistros, the cooking and experience is very different. Aux Lyonnais was one of my favorite meals in Paris (Josephine was the other). Lyonnais is informal but perfectly executed, affordable, and was just a fabulous experience. Here is the ile flottante and savarin that we had that night; both were spectacular.