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Oct 13, 2009 06:33 PM

any thoughts on esca or felidia

i have been to babbo, lupa, otto, casa mono and becco. I wonder what people thought of Felidia for good pasta and Esca for seafood. i will be in oct. 24th-25th....i appreciate all feedback.

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  1. I went to Felidia's last year and really liked it. Unfortunately, I didn't get pasta. I got something with meat instead. I know that there's been mixed reviews about that place but everything that night (food, service, atmosphere) was just grand. I would definitely go again.

    1. Same here - never been to Esca, but love Felidia. I had the tasting menu and recall enjoying the pasta immensely.

      1. They are very different types of places.

        and at this time of year, I'd be having GAME at Felidia. Nicotra does a great job with it. ;)

        1. Went to Felidia last night (Thursday Oct.15th), a party of 4. I was the only one that had Pasta. I had the Le Tagliatelle, it was delicious, way above average. Only negative was the dining area felt a little too cramped.