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Oct 13, 2009 06:13 PM

Spicy Food in Orlando, FL

My name is Michael Poley, I run a new program about Orlando called Orlando Event TV. Right now I've teamed up with Orlando Blogger TastyChomps to put together a short program about spicy food in Orlando. And I'm soliciting great suggestions/stories about good/bad spicy food experiences that people have had in Orlando.

First off, I was looking for spicy food reviews in Orlando on the web and saw the post here recommending Tijuana Flats and Thai food in general. It's a start, but we know that Orlando has some great spicy food to offer.

So far we're planning to hit up the following restaurants:

Korea House
Shin Jung
Seoul Garden
Siam Garden in WP
Royal Thai
Crooked Bayou
and Broadway's Suicide Wings

This is definitely a good start, but we're hoping to get a little bit off our own radar in the spicy food conversation, so if you have some suggestions for great spicy food in Orlando, please let us know, and if we use your suggestion, we will credit you in our finished product. Thanks!


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  1. Nile Ethiopia isn't bad, although I don't think it's as good as Queen of Sheba in Tampa.

    1. check out, it's a friend's Orlando food blog, and you can contact them via email on the site, I'm sure they'll know some great places. I used to live in Orlando but rarely would seek out spicy food. There's always Tijuana Flats and Firehouse Subs :)

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        Thanks for the tip about -- I'll contact them for their opinion and repost it here.

      2. Passage to India or Kohinoor should fit your bill. Both have very good and spicy (if you ask) food. I always have a mango lassi when I go to put out the flames.

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          Kohinoor is my favorite Indian restaurant in Orlando. It is in Altamonte Springs.

          You may also want to try Chilango's in Winter Springs or Pancho's in Casselberry for good, cheap, authentic Mexican. Both places have great salsa bars with a variety of spicy salsas, roasted jalapenos, and other spicy toppings.

        2. I second Chilango's and Kohinoor.

          Don't forget Sea Thai on SR 50/Colonial Dr for great (and spicy) Thai! For more Thai, I get the Thai Peanut Curry "Thai Hot" from The Thai Place at 17/92 and Lee Road, in the plaza behind Flemmings.