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Oct 13, 2009 06:12 PM


coming back for second time this year.. okay, what's the best steak in nola? no chains please. you people are the most informative on chow.

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  1. La Boca. The place is fantastic. In addition to the steaks, be sure to try the smoked fish bruschetta app. My fav cut is the skirt done med rare. The hanger is great, as is the strip. Heck, every cut I've tried is great. Wasn't crazy about the sweetbreads, though. I'm also a fan of the caramelized condensed milk crepes.

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        The provoletta, salads and pasta are good too but you must have dessert! Any word on how Oerestes is? I heard he was sick.

        1. It's hard to argue with La Boca, especially since it is so good. However, it is also not a New Orleans-style steak house. So if that's what you are looking for (and a great steak) then I would recommend either Crescent City Steakhouse (Broad at St. Phillip) or Charlie's Steak House (off Napoleon on Dryades). Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I think that Crescent City Steakhouse is the model on which Ruth's Chris is based.

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            Not sure if that is correct, she bought another steak house Chris and then added her name to it.....whether or not she used Crescent City as a model, who knows

            The chain was founded by the late Ruth Fertel, a single mother of two, in 1965, after she bought the existing Chris Steak House in New Orleans. In buying the restaurant, Fertel had to agree that the restaurant keep the "Chris" name for a specified period of time. After the original location sustained a kitchen fire, she relocated the restaurant about one-half mile (0.9 km) to the west on Broad Street and renamed the rebuilt establishment "Ruth's Chris." Under the purchase agreement, the name "Chris Steak House" could not be used at any other location, and she did not want to lose customers already familiar with the Chris name.[5] Fertel started to franchise the restaurant in the 1970s to locations throughout the United States and throughout the world.[6]

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              I think what sirvelvet is getting at is that Crescent City started serving their steaks sizzling in butter before (Ruth's) Chris Steakhouse did.

          2. I'm with most everyone else: If I want a steak, I am going to La Boca.

            By the way, La Boca recently pared down the tasting menu. The new cost is $45, and the minimum number of people is 4. You start with trout bruschetta, then a plate of chorizo and empanadas to share, gnocchi, salad, choice of steak, asparagus, mashed potatoes, fries, and dessert trifecta.

            Downside - Provoleta and sweetbreads are no longer included.
            Upside - It's $10 cheaper, and you now can finish the entire meal without being uncomfortably full.

            1. check out Steak Knife on Harrison Ave in Lakeview.