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Oct 13, 2009 05:57 PM


Hello Chowers! Any resty ideas for Cancun? Preferably along the coast/penisula vs downtown...but can travel!

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  1. Possibly the best in town is La Joya, very pretty.

    1. Captain's Cove is rather popular - it's on the lagoon side. They have an awesome breakfast.

      1. Flamigos in Punta Sam, Seafood off the beaten path on the ocean, Villa Rolandi on Isla Mujeres, Italian. La Parillia in Cancun Centro, Mexican.

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          There's a Villa Rolandi on the hotel strip as well (sister to the one on Isla) it's very good as well.

        2. A little touristy but good and interesting, slightly different food in a nice lagoon setting - I liked La Destileria. The tableside cooking makes for a fun atmosphere.

          Harry's (steakhouse with seafood) had gigantic portions of typical steakhouse food, good service and atmosphere. The spool of cotton candy delivered at meal's end was a surprise.

          On the lower end of the $ scale and very local atmospher , both located mid-hotel zone, Fish Frittanga and Pescador (?) had tasty seafood tacos, etc.