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Oct 13, 2009 05:48 PM

Roxboro, NC for a Sunday Dinner?

I haven't had much luck in searching...

We will be looking for dinner for four adults. Not interested in chains. One person is very anti-sushi, so that is out of the equation. I've not noticed much the one time I passed through. Hoping that some of you have had a good chow experience here!

Have heard that Clarksville Station is good, but I don't know the source well enough to judge the recommendation.

Appreciate your suggestions!

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  1. I drove through there a year or so ago and didn't notice anything but perhaps a fast food chain or two. I don't think your sushi person has anything to worry about, that's for sure.

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    1. re: Naco

      That was my thought about the sushi too! You know you'd end up with that being the only recommendation if you didn't mention it.

      We may just have to go to Hillsborough or Durham.

      1. re: meatn3

        The Homestead Steakhouse use to be pretty good and they are open on Sunday's. They have a buffet and menu items.

        1. re: Jesco

          The Homestead was featured recently on the WUNC-TV show, North Carolina Weekend. It looked pretty good! Its located in Timberlake, south of Roxboro.

    2. I have had an opportunity to eat there personally, but the Middleburg Steak House in Henderson has come highly recommended to me on several occasions.

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      1. re: wb247

        I'll tuck that away for another time...we have afternoon plans between Hillsorough and Roxboro, so trying to find a dinner that won't entail much driving!

        1. re: meatn3

          Not to close but still might be in your range is the Yancey House Restaurant on HW 158 close to Yanceyville, heard good things but it is till on my "to visit" list.

          1. re: Jesco

            I had forgotten about this place! We will be within a reasonable drive to Yanceyville. I'll check on their hours...

      2. Thanks all - unfortunately I can only report sore feet from the corn maze...
        All of us were tired and chilled and opted for drinks and snacks back at friends house where we could take off shoes and get comfortable.

        Yancey House is looking like a Thanksgiving possibility.
        Their site is a little cumbersome to determine times they are open.