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Oct 13, 2009 05:47 PM

Montevideo, Uruguay

Will be traveling to Montevideo for 10 days on business. Always get taken to the business traveler locations if I don't do the research myself.

Ate very well last time I was in Argentina but I had to do the leg work. Don't know anything about Uruguay.

Help me find the best, most interesting and diverse flavors of Uruguay.

Thank in advance.

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  1. We are likely heading to MVD in a couple of months time, with most of our time spent around Punta, and one spot we do want to visit is: Estancia del Puerto, in the Mercadeo del Puerto. Yes, its a parillada but it looks great, gets good reviews and, from Anthonly Bourdain's visit (you can no doubt find it on youtube), it seems like fun. Pls post a report upon your return.

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      I hope you'll both post. We are going to Uruguay in March for a week (after a week in Buenos Aires). We are planning to divide our time betwee Punta del Este (4 nights) and MVD (2 nights). I just looked at the youtube clip - looks like fun and luckily my husband are both meat eaters (he more than me).

    2. You cannot miss the Mercado del Puerto, it is phenomenal. We went early on a Sunday when they were setting up all the wood for the meats and sat at different places and watched and drank malbec. Another place we really liked was La Fogata downtown.

      1. If you go to Punta Carretas shopping, there is a restaurant there that serves Panchitos. They're hot dogs but better. In Pocitos, there are a bunch of great restaurants: Parillada Trouville, La Pasiva (for chivitos), and Bar Tavare.

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          I just googled La Pasiva and found that it's a chain and they have a branch (their sole Canadian branch) in Toronto. I'm going to confirm that it's still there and maybe I'll check it out.

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            no connection to the chain in Uruguay. This one is by an emigrated Uruguayan trying to benefit among the community members of a well known name. As a Tango song by Elvis Presley,,, wont sound too good.