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Oct 13, 2009 05:29 PM

Best single pan for a Shepherd's Pie?

So I think I am going to make one next weekend. It involves sauteing vegetables and chopped lamb over the stove, then topping it with mashed potatoes and finishing it in the oven. Most recipes say to saute the ingredients, then transfer them to a casserole dish to put into the oven.

Since my last foray into the kitchen used every pot and pan available, I'd like to keep this dish to two (a pot to boil the potatoes, and a pan for everything else.) Am I correct in assuming I would have to either use an enameled covered cast iron or stove-to-oven all clad (or similar)? I cannot saute the stuff in stoneware or pyrex, correct? The heat would cause the cookware to explode?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts....

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  1. " I cannot saute the stuff in stoneware or pyrex, correct? " Correct.

    1. I would guess you could do cast iron, or oven-safe pan. I always transfer to a stoneware casserole & bake. I usually use leftover mashed potato (often make double for just this reason), so it needs time to really heat through. Plus, we top it with cheese, so that has to melt. (Not traditional, but yummy). Ours are pretty thick, so you'd need a fairly deep pan for it. In any case, it is a great meal, worth the cleanup if you do end up using multiple pans. Enjoy!

      1. You are looking to saute the meat & veg. in the pan that goes into the oven, right? Well I agree with elf, and think a good option would be an enameled cast iron roasting dish like this:

        Most normal casserole dishes will be too deep to produce a good SP. Apart from anything else the potato needs to be pretty much level with the top of the dish or it will not brown properly.

        However, for the sake of cleaning up a skillet and using something you may already have (Pyrex, aluminium roasting dish etc.) you will be $$$ better off. Again, if you did buy one, you would have a great piece of cookware for other uses. Decisions, decisions!

        1. I use a clay lasagna pan from Chile. It is called Pomaireware. I use another pot for the potatoes. But the Pomaireware I use on the stove to saute the onions, ground beef, etc. then I just top off with the potatoes. The whole think then goes into the oven. I also make a Chilean dish called Pastel de Choclo which uses chicken and corn. The food comes to the table hot and hot soapy water to clean it up.