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Oct 13, 2009 05:27 PM

La Mixteca Chowdown Napa

It was great seeing my old chow pal Melanie again and meeting Frank and Dan for a wonderful Sunday lunch in Napa at one of the best regional Mexican restaurants in the North Bay.

We Ordered:

> Suadero Tacos
> Barbacoa Tacos
> Mole de Res
> Chileajo de Puerco
> Consomee de Barbacoa

I've had suadero tacos before - but these are different and better - they are crispy well seasoned and you need to get these when you come here.

Barbacoa tacos were not bad - I've just been spoiled by barbacoa specialist restaurants in Tijuana and San Diego.

Mole de Res - is what I think Eat Nopal would Identify as a wet - soupier mole de olla, with tender braised beef and really good poached calabicitas

Chileajo de Puerco, easily the best Mexican dish I've had in the San Francisco Bay area

Consomme was really weak - I would pass.

Agua de Pepino _ I cant seem to ever make mine as perfect as Mixtecas.

Thanks guys for trekking out spending that lunch with you all really made my trip.

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  1. I agree with most of your comments, KR. La Mixteca is well worth the drive to Napa from Dublin. Their Oaxacan specialties are a real treat, but even the accompaniments (like the beans, as Melanie appreciated) are cooked with care.

    I thought most of the dishes we ordered stood out, even the "consome" -- which I thought was subtly spiced. Clearly the other dishes were more emphatic in seasoning, but it was interesting to learn that the broth is made from the steamed goat for the barbacoa. I had never had a "wet, soupier mole" before, so the Mole de Res was a new -- and very pleasant -- experience for me. I even went back for more horchata.

    Thank you for advocating for this gem, and I know that I will be back soon for the birria and the Mole de Oaxaca and the champurrado and the barbacoa and another serving of the chileajo, for sure! Let us know when you decide to return for another visit to the Bay Area.

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    1. Likewise KR, was a pleasure. Even though I didn't partake in it that day, you're correct that the Chileajo is the best single Mexican dish that I've tried in the Bay Area. Also enjoyed the conversation regarding the Mole and how so many that you find in the area are watered down and one dimensional. You can really taste the layers of flavor in their Mole de Oaxaca. Also, was an education for me in terms of their use of pineapple in the el pastor tacos, ala Mexico City. Hope to do it again one day.

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      1. just adding link:

        La Mixteca
        2580 Jefferson St, Napa, CA 94558

        1. Sorry to be out of town and miss the La Mixteca adventure. Melanie - I happened to be dining that day in San Jose with Mamerto - your friend from SHS where I was a year ahead of him! I hope there's another La Mixteca chow experience soon . . . I've enjoyed the Mole de Oaxaca again recently and would like to explore the menu further, but get stuck on this dish. I like it even better than the chileajo . . .

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          1. re: vday

            Thank you Hounds for an awesome recommendation.
            I drove about 25 miles south on I-80 West to Picante in Berkeley for lunch because of the ridiculous backup on I-80 Eastbpound.
            For dinner, I headed 25 miles North to La Mixteca. It is excellent and I will be back soon. I had the tacos suadero this time. I'm hoping to take someone with me on my next trip so I can try two or three dishes. The owner, Sylvia is very sweet also.

            La Mixteca
            2580 Jefferson St, Napa, CA 94558

            1. re: vday

              Sorry to miss you too. You'll hae to tell us where you ate with Mamerto!

              Here's a link to the info Ruth Lafler posted on how to sign up for the chowdown notification lists. Hope to see you soon.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Mamerto, Don and I ate at Gombei. Hadn't seen M in a long time - great to catch up over some good Japanese food.

                Will try to make it to one of the upcoming chowdowns!