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Oct 13, 2009 04:30 PM

40th Birthday Dinner

Wondering if anyone can make a suggestion for a restaurant for a 40th birthday dinner for about 30 people in Fairfield County?

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  1. Price? Type of food? I have a few suggestions, but need more info!! Off the top of my head, the newly opened Le Farm seats about 30 people, as does Harvest Supper and The Schoolhouse at Cannondale. You could take the whole restaurant, but don't know what your budget is, and I can't imagine any of them would be a bargain...but the food would be great.

    Barcelona in Fairfield has a private room in the back that's about the right size, and would be less expensive than the other 3.

    Paci has a second floor room that is a nice size...we did a party there a few years ago and it was lovely.

    There was another thread here recently looking for a similar place...there were some good suggestions I think...maybe try a search, but I have no idea what the title of the thread was.

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      The barcelona in stamford has that room just to the left of the host(ess) station that can be closed off as well.

      Anyone else have suggestions on the "T" in Stamford?

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        Both Columbus Park and Il Falco have private dining rooms (upstairs). My preference would definitely be Columbus Park. Otherwise, most of the other places on the "T" are on the small side and might not be able to accommodate 30 people without taking over the whole restaurant.

    2. We had a lovely private party for my father-in-law at Bailey's Backyard (the Ridgefield location). Sal was easy to work with, the food was terrific, and everyone had a great time. (We splurged for dessert and brought in a cake from Cake Boutique in Wilton as an extra-special touch!)

      [As an aside, I celebrated my 40th (hmm...a few years ago...) at 123 in North Salem (just dinner out with the girls - not a private party) - and got to see Richard Gere as a bonus...(he was having dinner with his wife and two other people). If that's not a great reason to go to a restaurant - besides the good food - I don't know what is!]

      1. Maybe Delagioso's in Auburn.

        1. Thanks so much! I'm not sure on the price or type of food yet, just trying to help a friend out. I don't think she's looking to rent somewhere out, so I had crossed your top three of my list b/c of the size. My friend had thought of Barcelona. I haven't been to Paci, but I've wanted to try it, I'll suggest that. Another thought I had was Market or Tarry Lodge. I hadn't thought of 121, that could definitely work. (a Richard Gere sighting would be great too!)

          1. Capital Grille. Nice private room, can accomodate up to 34 people. Good food, tons of parking (mall).