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Oct 13, 2009 04:18 PM

Vertigo Sky Lounge... wow! Has ne one ever been?

So for the first time last week I got to check out the new Dana hotel. Well I guess its not that new anymore, its been open a year, but I finally had a chance to get there.

We went for dinner at Aja (asia) , their restaurant in the hotel. The sushi was amazing, but what really blew me away was the roof top lounge/ bar/ club.

First off the cocktail servers are dressed in these amazing outfits with black boots and shorts, very classy yet sexy at the same time.

We decided to do bottle service, and thank goodness we reserved the table 2 weeks in advance, because it was packed there. The prices were cheaper then most places around, like spybar and vision.

The cocktails server brings a "drink cart" over and makes your drinks and keeps your bottle on the cart, which is all sparkly and shiny from the glowing candles that iluminte it.

The DJ there was great as well, but what I think will make my fellow foodies fall in love is the food menu that you can order from while you party! They had kobe sliders, waygu chicago dogs, and sushi from the restaurant Aja, that we had dinner at.

anyways, this is my new place to hang not just on the weekends, but maybe even on a week day.

Has anyone been yet?

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  1. You have got to be kidding me (I find "sparkly and shiny" things very distracting).

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    1. re: Steamers

      ummmm why do i have to be kidding you??? And anyway by "sparkly and shiny" things I ment the way the candles glowed on the drink cart as they rolled it to our table.


    2. Do you remember what you had at Aja? Any sushi bars where you've had better sushi?

      Do you recall what was cheaper than spybar and vision?

      1. Word on the street is that Aja is being morphed into an all-Asian restaurant, instead of the steakhouse. Are they open right now?