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Oct 13, 2009 04:08 PM

Fun places for a crowd to go out in Austin? Not food specifically, more drinkin'

We're headed to Austin next week for a family wedding. We have a girls' dinner planned at Moonshine and the guys are going to Lambert's. Afterward, we are looking for fun drinking places to go out - not college-y (we're all in our mid-late 30's and up) though. Could anyone recommend any fun places to go? We're open to a lot of options, we like to have fun but I have to please a variety of preferences. Most of us are not from the area; I know there are a ton of bars in 6th St area but doesn't that run to the cheesy? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would suggest heading toward the Warehouse district (closer to Lamberts). After my rehearsal dinner this summer, several of us went to Lavaca Street Bar (on Lavaca btw. 4th and 5th). It's nothing special but does have cheaper drinks (a full bar) and large tables in their extended back room that helps with large groups. It's a pretty typical bar vibe (pool tables, big screens with ESPN, skee ball!) but the crowd tends to be a little older (upper 20s and 30s as opposed to the 6th street college crowd).

    After a friends rehearsal in January, we went to Gingerman. I haven't been to their new location (also on Lavaca near 4th) but I've been told they still have a patio with long tables that are also good for groups. They have a great beer selection but no liquor (a few wine selections).

    If you want a trendier bar with dancing I've enjoyed a few visits to The Madison (on 5th...maybe btw. Lavaca and Colorado?), and although it is a little to yuppie for me The Belmont tends to get good reviews (both of these places might be a little tougher if you have a really large group).

    1. As mentioned the Warehouse district is a nice area. One of the newer bars there is Peche.

      Also, the west 6th street area is nice for the older crowds. There are close to 10 bars in a small 3 block area so you'll have many choices. The Belmont is on the east end if you look at it on a map and Opal Divines would be close to the western end. I tend to recommend this area just because of the variety within an easy walk. The downside is that you'll probably need to drive there from Moonshine or take a cab. The guys will be able to walk there from Lambert's as it's only a few blocks away.

      1. I'd like to take you in a different direction...from Moonshine you could easily head to Lustre Pearl at 97 Rainey St. or even further east to the East Side Showroom on East 6th, or even further east to Justine's which is a new Austin gem. My husband and I only venture to the warehouse district or 6th street when coerced by music or mean friends. Have fun!