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Oct 13, 2009 03:54 PM

Joseph Schmidt Chocolate Bowls - SUBSTITUTES?

For the past five years, my firm has been purchasing Joseph Schmidt chocolate bowls as holiday gifts for clients. Ever since I heard they were closing in January, I have been frantically searching for a replacement. All the chocolatiers nowadays seem to be producing the same type of truffles, however: cute tiny printed squares of high quality flavors. Unfortunately, we are aiming more towards the initial 'wow' factor than spectacular taste. Does anybody know of a chocolatier that creates the equivalent of a JS chocolate bowl for the holidays, or even something similar? I swear my boss is going to make me bust into Oompa Loompa mode and create my own Willy Wonka factory next...Thanks!!!

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  1. I found this but don't know if Bissingers make their own or they are JS. I did see several size chocolate cups at Sur la Table Walnut Creek.

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      Also carried in many sizes at Piedmont Grocery.

    2. Not bowls, but I think the beautiful chocolates from Chocolatier Blue in Berkeley do have a certain "wow" factor--not to mention being delicious. They did these amazing Easter eggs last year, but I don't know if they'll have anything equivalent over the winter holidays. I wonder if the owner would do something special for you if you were placing a big order.

      Chocolatier Blue
      1964 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94701

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        abstractpoet, Thank you for the recommendation. I took a look at the chocolates, and they are just beautiful. We'll consider some of these in the near future. Abby

      2. Try Teuscher chocolates (available at Stanford and other locations).

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          1. Hi Annien, Yeah, we're heartsick that Jos. Schmidt's was bought out by Hershey's who just acquired them, obviously, to shut down the competition. The Schmidt truffles were the best ever. Two suggestion I have for you:

            1) the Veruca chocolates. These have been recommended, and they have a major "WOW" going for them. You can order them online, as one could do with the Jos. Schmidt chocolates, and they have an excellent assortment of flavors:


            2) the Norman Love Chocolate Confections. Very beautiful. True works of art and very appealing flavors. See what you think:

            Neither of these companies is local, unfortunately, but they are unique, and I have purchased the Norman Love chocolates locally in SF at a great little cafe on Van Ness.

            Good luck!