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Oct 13, 2009 03:48 PM

MSP- Ice Cream Cake anywhere?? - not DQ!


I'm looking for a premium ice cream cake that is not Dairy Queen (or anything like it). I know you can make it, but I'm no hand at baking, and I have a long-term boyfriend who LOVES it.
Any suggestions?


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    1. At Izzy's, I like to get the ice cream cake with the cake batter flavor on an oreo cookie crust. I love all of the contradiction at once. And it tastes good, too.


      1. jfood did a lot of ice cream researchthis past summer and Izzy's would be his choice as well.

        1. I agree that Izzy's has great ice cream too, the best, but their ice cream cakes don't have cake in them. If you want an ice cream cake that has a layer of cake in it, I'd try Cold Stone Creamery. I've had the chocolate and the red velvet and they are pretty good.

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          1. re: Bobannon

            it is a far fall when you need to go from Izzys to Cold Stone.

            1. re: jfood

              You're right, Izzy's ice cream is the best. I must have misunderstood caitlin2475's request. I thought she wanted ice cream and cake together. Not ice cream on a cookie crust.

              1. re: Bobannon

                Actually, I don't think you necessarily misunderstood. Some people (including, apparently, you!) expect their ice cream cake to be ice cream built on a cake layer, other people don't require a layer of actual cake. Since Caitlin didn't specify, your interpretation and recommendation is as valid as ours!

                There is more than one way to slice a cake, so to speak.


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Thanks for all the great replies - and yes, I was meaning cake & ice cream together! I and the boyfriend are not big fans of cold stone. Maybe I'll just have to try myself! ;)

                  1. re: caitlin2475

                    Not ideal since it's a chain but... Ben & Jerry's does ice cream cakes.

                    I had a buy one get one cone free coupon so I tried Imagine Whirled Peace and it was too sweet but still very good.

                    1. re: MplsM ary

                      Hmmm. I just tried the virtual ice cream cake maker on my local B&J scoop shop site and your choice of fillings is brownies or cookies. which is NOT ice cream cake. Sorry.

            2. re: Bobannon

              That's why you get the cake batter flavor of ice cream for your cake. Then, it's a cake made of ice cream made of cake. On a cookie crust. If only it had a layer of pie filling it would be all my favorite desserts in one.


            3. Marble Slab also does these or Baskin Robbins started these, I think.

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              1. re: Eliza524

                OK Caitlin-

                I have some great memories of ice cream cake from my childhood that seemed to be a 'roll' or 'ice cream cake roll' made of good dark chocolate/devil's food cake rolled up with a layer of vanilla ice cream. Very simple, very good, you could buy it in the super market.

                I'm thinking your bf might be thinking of something like that. I'd call Birchwood and Crema and maybe Bravo in St Paul and ask them if they could make one. If not, I"d just be looking for some good chocolate cake and buy some great vanilla ice cream ( like the crema flavor at Crema/Sonny's), or Ben and Jerry's organic vanilla---let it soften a bit and spread a layer in between two slices of cake, and eat! (or get fancier if you like) maybe some sprinkles or a tiny drizzle of back please! good luck..

                1. re: faith

                  FYI, the crema flavor at Sonny's is actually espresso flavored, not straight vanilla.

                  1. re: chrismpls

                    that's why I picked it chris....I think it would be a great combo with choc. cake