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Oct 13, 2009 03:26 PM

need advice - best way to do mini quiches for a party??

i have to make a ton of from-scratch mini quiche for a cocktail party and i'm wondering what the best way to do the shells might be. all the recipes i know of call for blind baking and i can see it being a real pain to weigh down all those tiny tart pans with beans. any ideas???

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  1. If you dock the tart dough sufficiently prior to blind baking you should be able to avoid using weights in the bottom of the pans. I assume you're using miniature tart pans (or something about that size) to prepare your mini quiches.

    1. Put the dough in the pans, then put an empty pan on top of each, sandwiching the dough between the two pans. Invert the sandwich (extra insurance that the sides won't sink down) and blind-bake upside down.

      If you are using muffin tins and don't have enough tins for the above method, put the beans in tin foil muffin liners and place one in each after putting the dough in.

      1. I had to do mini quiches for some people that I catered for in August. I used mini muffin tins (1-2 bite sizes) and made my dough from scratch. I didn't dock the dough or put another pan inside the one with the dough (didn't need to because the size was so small). I made one batch of quiche mix, which I used for all the quiches and just added the individual toppings. I didn't have any problem getting them out of the pans or with the dough drooping. My clients raved over them!

        You can use refrigerated dough & cut out or even mini phyllo shells sold in the frozen section of the grocers.

        1. Actually, I do them crustless, in a mini-muffin tin pan. Just pour the egg mixture about 3/4 of he way up each cup.