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Oct 13, 2009 02:53 PM

Bo Innovation dress code?

Anyone been to Bo Innovation and can tell me about the dress code and general dress standard? I'm going to be backpacking through India for four weeks prior to going to HK so I don't want to carry a set of clothes around for a month just to eat at one restaurant. Can I get away with T-shirt and jeans? I figured given Alvin Leung's look they'd be liberal ...


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  1. If you Google it most sites say the dress code is 'smart casual' for Bo Innovation. I'm thinking maybe a dress shirt and jeans should be ok.

    1. Very few places in HK actually have a dress code, Michelin star or not. Of course this doesn't mean you show up in shorts, flip-flops and a tank top...

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        Cool ... Thanks for the responses!

      2. Back from Honkers and for the record, dress code in Bo isn't strict at all. The restaurant is hip, contemporary and casual, and the great staff put alot of effort into making you feel welcome and comfortable rather than creating a formal dining experience. Some tables were dressed up, others were dressed down to Tshirt and jeans like me. It's very much do what you like, mi casa su casa kinda thing.

        Oh and the food was brilliant. So many surprises, intriguing flavour combinations, textures and unusual cooking methods. Theatre is as much a part of the meal as the food, and bubbling bowls of liquid nitrogen made an appearance at the table more than once over the 20-course degustation. Highly recommended as a unique HK experience.

        1. Oh and the haircuts in the kitchen ... Some of the rudest, most awesome hair-dos ever.