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Oct 13, 2009 02:52 PM

Terracotta Red in Everett

The only mention of Terracotta Red in Everett that I’ve been able to find on Chowhound was praise for its fried calamari on the “Looking for the best Seattle (fried) calamari” thread. Can anyone tell me (and other Chowhounds) more about this place?

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  1. I've been there once and quite liked it. It's a sort of Pan-Asian menu, pleasant space, full bar. We got the calamari (I may have been the one to post on the fried calamari thread), crispy pork belly, Shanghai noodles with duck, and Sichuan green beans. I wouldn't say any of it was world class, but it was tasty enough and the portions are enormous. We've been meaning to go back, but we usually go through Everett on Sunday at lunchtime and they're not open.

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      We have been there several times and have enjoyed it. The menu changes a few times a year. Excellent happy hour from 3-6 pm.

    2. I did not like it very much, because it wasn't only not world class, but it was sort of half heartedly done. Portions were big.

      It's pretty good,, but not worth a special trip imho. I end up there for lunch when meeting someone in everett and they haven't heard of Marimba (worth the trip) and feel too snooty for Beijing Garden.

      1. Had it for lunch with a friend. He enjoyed it, I thought it was mediocre. I forget what exactly I had, I think a shrimp dish, he had soup and we split an appetizer. To me it was a fairly typical "fusion" place, seeming to cater to people who are interested solely in the highlights of each country's cuisine, and workmanlike in their preparation. No spark of real creativity, and not quite as good as a good dedicated restaurant, i.e. Tamarind Tree in ID or Bamboo Garden in Bellevue. I'd go back if I was utterly not in the mood for solid American served by Buck's across the street or Alligator Soul's cajun a few blocks away on Broadway.