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Oct 13, 2009 02:46 PM

Not Healthy Manhattan Tour

Hi all,

I'm visiting the city in the beginning of November with a sole purpose: cheap deliciousness. No Daniel for us this time -- heck, not even any Momofuku on this go-round. My sister and I will be on a pilgrimage for caloric overload on a budget. We're tossing waistline worries to the wind: this is the itinerary that your mom never would have told you about.

Only parameters: with the exception of Di Fara, we're looking to stay in Manhattan and we're looking for affordable (under $20 per person per meal). We'll be based in the West Village but are fine with public transit and are marathon walkers.

Here's what we're thinking so far -- and please fill in the gaps.

Pizza - Di Fara
Donuts - Donut Plant
Brunch (specifically, French Toast) - TBD (debating between 202, Clinton Street, Balthazar, and . . . ??)
Fried chicken - yes, I realize people may suggest Momofuku here . . . any others?
Burgers/fries/shakes - Shake Shack
Pie -
Porchetta - Porchetta (by default and definition!)
Something near the Met whose offerings square with the trip's intent -
Somewhere near Wall Street (we're there to visit the bull) -
Chocolate -

Other suggestions of must-hit spots?

When this tour is over, expect to see a post about detox and juice diets.

As always -- thanks.

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  1. And one more to add, since we can't live on sweets alone.

    Top-notch bar bites and good beers (the beers don't have to be cheap) -

    1. The NY Times just did a piece on "The Other Fried Chicken"

      1. Margon for Dominican food (46th between 6th & Broadway) - maybe en route to the Met?

        Pinche Taqueria in NoLiTa-ish area for fish tacos

        1. Wall St
          - If you're there on a thursday (when they seem to be around) Schnitzburger @ Schnitzels & Things (Water/Broad) - Breaded/Deep Fried burger. You can take it to the public Atrium on Wall St (next to Deutsche Bank building) if it's cold out.

          - Shopsin's

          Near Met
          - Maybe Schatzie's brisket sandwich (88/Mad) or Pastrami Queen (78/Lex). There's also Lexington Candy Shop (84/Lex), which has unhealthy food and a pretty cool atmosphere, but I wouldn't go out of my way for any of these.

          1. An order of virgil's trainwreck fries followed by an order of szechuan gourmet's double cooked pork should fit the bill for greasy gluttony.