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Oct 13, 2009 02:15 PM

capitol hill visit- any ideas?

Hello everyone, I'm going to visit my friend in Capitol Hill this week and was wondering if there are any noteworthy places to visit to eat and drink. I'm not exactly loaded but I don't mind spending a moderate amount of money on having a good experience. I love all types of food and hate, HATE corporate type restaurants ( used to work there for quite some time ). Thanks !

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  1. which part of the Hill? there's so much more choice now than even just 4 years ago it's hard to nail it down.

    In the SE quadrant my recent fave is Cava (Greek mezze) 2nd location, but still family owned and operated. Montmartre is dependable bistro fare (though can be 'spendy' for the neighborhood). Belga is good, but service can be 'odd' not bad, just odd. I hear good things about Lola's, but I've only had drinks there. The most corporate type place around this side is prob. Matchbox, but even that's local, the least? the Tune Inn is a great scruffy dive.

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      I wouldn't exactly call Matchbox corporate---it's a local pizza joint (that also serves other entrees). It's popular, not corporate.

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        I didn't mean to say MB is corporate, just rather they do seem to have their act together and really on this side of the Hill nobody comes off as "corporate"

    2. Spike's Good Stuff Eatery. - burgers, fries, and shakes.

      1. sonoma or matchbox would be my first picks in that area.

        1. The classic Hill places are the Market Lunch at Eastern Market and the Tune Inn. Granville Moore's for mussels and beer is great. Le Bon Cafe used to be my regular breakfast spot when I was still on the Hill. None of these places are expensive all of these places are good and frequented by locals.

          1. I would check out Art and Soul for delicious Southern Cuisine, Cava for Greek/Med small plates/mezze, Matchbox for great pizza and mini-burgers, Lola's for good bar food, Sonoma for charcuterie, cheese, and wine, Good Stuff Eatery for burgers and shakes (I actually prefer their turkey's amazing), and Le Bon Cafe for french-style sandwiches and/or breakfast.

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              Thanks for all the help guys. Is there any good/ decent asian food nearby as well? I'm not picky, so long as its decent and they aren't too full of themselves ( i.e. P.F. Chang's type).

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                On Pennsylvania Ave., SE, between 2nd and 3rd Streets, there is a Chinese restaurant on the 2nd floor. I used to go there quite often and was always happy. It is your basic, slightly above average neighborhood Chinese restaurant.

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                  On 8th St. there is a pretty good Thai restaurant called Old Siam. I use to always get the Rama Longsong.

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                    Old Siam is about the only Asian place I'd suggest, but then to be honest, I've never made it back to Szechuan House after it became Fusion Grill. It looks popular, just haven't felt compelled.

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                      It's pretty much the same exact food with a different sign.

                      One important thing to note---the take out menu it different than the menu inside the restaurant. I've been a few times for their lunch special.

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                        that was kind of my hunch, thx for the clarification.