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Oct 13, 2009 02:14 PM

Jfood has an Inconsistent Night at Thanh Do - (MSP)

Jfood third visit to this place on S. Utah in St. Louis Park had some mixed results. Another night of work in the hotel and this is a nice take-away place.

He ordered the Fried Pork Dumplings, the Shrimp Bangkok Noodles and the Chicken Cranberry Curry.

The dumplings were some of the best jfood has eaten here. They deep fry them so the are crispy 360 degrees which is a switch from those back east. The sauce also and a nice pungency to the dish.

The Shrimp Bangkok Noodles were green curry, tomatoes, mushrooms, scallions and egg noodles. Jfood has never ordered this dish so he did not know what to expect. It was delicious. The curry had a medium kick, the shrimp were cooked nicely and the tomatoes added a nice sweet balance to the dish. The two drawbacks were the number of shrimp, only 4-5 and the mushrooms were not anything special. Definitely on the list for a repeat performance.

The Chicken Cranberry Curry was one of jfood's favorites on previous trips, but this time it was really not to his liking. There was no flavor at all. Jfood thought it may have been too delicate after the curry so he took a big swig of water. No dice, it was definitely missing something. Too bad as jfood really liked this dish on other visits.

So this is still on the "A" list for take-away for the hotel for Jfood. As he sat and waited for his containers, the eyes in the room gave jfood the impression that the kitchen got slammed. Dishes were comingout at a brisk pace, but the number of dishes on the tables was minimal. Looked like everyone arrived and ordered at the same time.

On a different topic - Can anyone recommend some American-style Chinese in the Bloomington area. Every now and then some good Gen Tsao and dumplings is all jfood is looking for.


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  1. I used to eat at this place all the time back in high school. Every time I see pork fried dumplings on a menu I am reminded of late nights at Dreamers (which is right next door to Tahn Do) playing cards.

    1. My husband and I went to Hunan in Bloomington behind Southtown (behind Wendy's) and we had the buffet on a Friday night. It was good. Surprisingly good. General Tso's was not on the buffet, but other similar dishes were and the depth of flavor in the similar looking but different tasting dishes was really good. (if that makes sense)

      I found it worthy of a return trip.

      It was also packed and the dishes had a high turnover.

      I know you don't stay in town on Fridays, so I'm curious to know what you think if you go during the week.

      Also curious to hear what others have to say.

      1. Check out Yangtze near 394 and 100 for American style Chinese, if Thando is close enough for takeout, Yangtze would probably be okay too. (I don't consider it "close" to Bloomington, but it certainly is close to Thando, and would be a go to place for Gen Tsao and dumplings.)

        1. Thanks MayrMN & Danny. Going to Twolves tonight so will try one of these next week.


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          1. re: jfood

            Sounds like a plan. You probably don't want to eat before going to see the Twolves. :-)

            1. re: Danny

              Jfood hates basketball since Clyde Frazier retired, but a chance to hang out with colleagues and customers, eat some dogs and cheese steaks (or whatever else they bring) and lie about how good everyone was in HS is too good to miss. Jfood already told everyone he is leaving at half-time. No need to be punished for a full game.

          2. American-style Chinese in Bloomington? Go to David Fong's, around 94th and Lyndale. This is one of the last remaining classic Chinese-American places from the 1960s -- think cocktail lounge, coat check, one from column A, two from column B...

            The food is not "authentic", not upscale, but if you want a taste of the way it was back when going out for Chinese was a special family occasion, this is the place to go.