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Oct 13, 2009 01:35 PM

Saturday night DINNER on the Magnificent Mile

Help me pair it down folks! There will be three or four of us. BYOB is preferred. Something interesting, perhaps family style, tapas, meat is great, beer is better (local beers please). Could be a totally casual place. We would like to spend 15-20.00 per person. Please let me know if there might be a long wait at a restaurant you suggest, so I can plan ahead.


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  1. Check out this site:

    Only shows best local restaurants, and I filtered by area. Enjoy!

    1. If you want BYOB, you will have to go outside of the Downtown/Mag Mile area. There are plenty of BYOB options in the neighborhoods. Research Tango Sur, Spoon Thai, Sticky Rice, Mado

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        Thank you! Tango Sur is on my list for sure! It appears as though they take reservations. Do you know what time they open? Is it better to go early? Any other meaty BYOB suggestions?

        1. re: foodiememoirs

          Haven't been there lately, but unless they changed their policy. Tango Sur only take reservations for large groups.

          1. re: foodiememoirs

            They don't take reservations for small groups but you can give them your cell number and go have a drink at the Irish bar next store. They will call you when your table is ready. If you are going on a Saturday, I'd advise earlier than later.