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Oct 13, 2009 01:29 PM

Happy Hour & Other Delicious Bargains

Heading to NOLA this week (Wed.-Sunday) and planning to splurge on August, Commander's Palace, Cure, and maybe a few others.

Now we are looking for some bargains to balance out our expensive meals/drinks. Of particular interest are Happy Hours (not sure if they do that in New Orleans, it's illegal in some towns), or good early dinner deals (ie 50-cent oysters, dinner deals on certain weekdays, etc..)

We already know about some affordable lunch places (Johnny's PoBoys, Coop's, etc.) and the prix fixe lunches at Emeril's, August, Cuvee, etc. We will probably do at least two of these.

Anyone know of any other great deals / specials in New Orleans?

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  1. Free oysters and a piano player at Le Bon Temps Roule on Magazine Street. Fridays 5-7.

    1. Very reasonable lunch prices at The Napoleon House. Bacco for lunch is good, but what makes it great are the 10 cent martinis.

      Happy Hours are legal here. Heck, open containers are legal here. Many bars in the CBD and Warehouse District have great happy hour specials. Lucy's and Vic's Kangaroo for example.